Posted by: annmucc | April 29, 2009

A Working Girl ;) (And NOT what you may think of :P)

As I had mentioned here, the centre I am studying in is doing some work at St. Paul’s Cathedral. A few weeks ago mu supervisor asked me if I was interested in helping out in this project and do some environmental monitoring there seeing as I was doing this same particular monitoring exercise at the TNA. So this afternoon saw me carrying the VOC monitor on the tube on my way to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

I had to meet another person from the group who is involved in the project at St. Paul’s Cathedral at around 2pm. Since (as always) I was a bit early, I took the time to sit in a park (I  think it was the Cathedral’s graveyard or something, but anyways ;)) and read a bit on the grass while relaxing (only for around 10 minutes, but it was good ;)).


People in the Park next to St. Pauls

People in the Park next to St. Pauls



When the time was near, I went to where we had to meet, where after a few minutes he arrived. In we went to get our visitor’s pass, and off to St. Pauls. Monitoring took a bit of time, but it is always good to get to visit other places and work in different places. First of all it gives you more knowledge and more of a reference point to what to compare your results.

Also getting to see places like St.Pauls is a perk of the job I am happy about 😉 …getting access to sites for free! and also access to parts which other people don’t get access to. e.g. the Wren Library and the Model Room which I got access to today to do the measurements, generally you have to pay a lot and book in advance…I’m not complaining about that now :).


  1. What a lovely setting to read your book.

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