Posted by: annmucc | April 29, 2009

I was Kidnapped!

Don’t be scared…I was politely asked if I was available for kidnapping yesterday, and was well taken care of during the ‘experience’.

Why the kidnapping?

Well, another PhD student in the department, thought it was time that the people in the group did something together, so on Friday he nicely (if that word can be applied to him :P!) asked me and the two research assistants if we were up for being kidnapped yesterday. Unfortunately, one of the research assistants had other plans, but being a ‘nice’ kidnapper, he let her off easily.

4:00pm: We are asked at what time we are ready for the kidnapping (I told you he was nice ;)); research assistant asks for 30 mins.

4:30pm: Kidnapping commences šŸ™‚

We first made our way to Foyles book shop on Charing Cross, and went up to the cafe. There I had hot chocolate while the other two had coffee and a chocolate cake (vegan for one and totally un-vegan and creamy for the other ;)). From there we then had a rummage through the bookshop, looking at what books are on offer and what interests us…though none of us bought anything, it was good fun…I enjoy books, and it is always nice to look enviously at all the books I wish I had the money to buy.

From there we then had to decide what to do…go home or go for some dinner? Hmm…the decision fell on dinner. The other PhD student knew of a vegetarian Indian restaurant (the research assistant is vegan, or was at least vegan), I don’t mind vegetarian food, and neither did he…so off we went. One problem! He knew it was in the British Museum area…but where exactly? We walked a bit and realised we wouldn’t figure it out, so we walked up towards UCL till we were in reach of the RoamNet to get connected to the internet and figure it out. We had been just one corner away when we started searching, but oh well…off we went.

The restaurant, Sagar, was empty besides one man when we arrived. No problem! This meant that the waiters were always attentive to us and came to the table when we needed them (luckily without overcrowding us too much). We got the menus…what to order?

Well, this was my first time going to an Indian restaurant (I have not been very experimental with Asian food, so far having only tried Thai food twice in London when I went out with Jamie and Beckie, and Malaysian/Oriental food once in Malta, and another time Chinese takeaway), so the food all looked incomprehensible to me! Luckily, the others were on hand to explain and suggest some things for me…The PhD student suggested a Dosa, which is like a crispy pancake, and I took up his suggestion, opting for the Masala Dosa (potato, onion, and maybe carrots? not sure!). I am glad I took this suggestion…I got this enormous pancake (which much to the surprise of the others I manage to finish off šŸ˜› they actually said so :S !?!?!?!). Oh well! It was good šŸ™‚

However, though the food was good, spending time with other people in the research group was for me the most important part of the evening. Luckily, so far, I feel like we get on well together, which makes it a good environment. Also, they are all with much more experience than I have, so hearing them talk about their work, experiences, thoughts, and whatnot helps me see also the bigger picture of the field, the work, and the people involved.Ā 

So this was a kidnapping with a benefit šŸ™‚



  1. uff I wanted a real kidnapping, like maybe they wanted to see how quickly police react etc…

  2. @ Mina: Pff…and you wanted them to try something like that on me??? It would have been cool though *THINKING*

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