Posted by: annmucc | May 1, 2009

Last Night…

Tonight is my last night in the residence I have been living in for the past 7 months or so. Tomorrow I will be going for a month to Pisa to do some research at the university there, and since I had to move out of my residence in June anyways, I decided to move out before my trip to Pisa, so as not to pay rent for a month where I am not going to be here; on my return I will then move in to a UCL residence which is much closer to university for the summer.

My thoughts on leaving where I am? Though the residence did have some rules which I didn’t understand and/or agree with, it is still sad to be leaving this place…after all it has been my home for a good number of months. I liked the area, with having everything close and feeling very safe. I think I will particularly miss the library, and also the bank (since this branch was the one to give me the best service, unlike others were they seem to say no to everything!). Also, even though it was not like the people in the residence were my best friends, I will still miss some of them!

The last few days have been a frantic time of packing…it has been much more stressful than usual as, besides packing for a month trip, I also had to pack all the rest of my stuff which I am not taking with me…I am surprised as to how much stuff I managed to collect in the past few months though! At last however the packing is nearly done…what I will take with me in my rucksack and handluggage, and the rest in one luggage and too many boxes (thanks Ruth for letting me use your room for storage O:)). 

And tonight? Tonight I should be going out for a drink or something in the area with Sr.Cathy (we had said that we should meet before I leave their campus – she was a bright shining smiling face whenever I saw her – and tonight was the only night we both could do something), Ruth, and maybe some other from my floor. Then tomorrow? I’m off to Pisa 🙂 I must say however that I won’t have internet access in my room there…so probably blogs will be quite sporadic (in a way like they have been since I went to Malta :P)

I’ll try to keep you updated!



  1. Safe journey, try and keep us up to date with things if you can. Take care in the meantime.

  2. @ Martin: Thanks Martin…I will try to, but don’t promise anything O:)

  3. […] to get tickets for Michael and myself on the last day of bookings with the help of one of the nuns living in the convent adjacent to the first residence I lived in here. I was excited to show Michael […]

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