Posted by: annmucc | May 5, 2009

Videos and Photos

I just added some photos to my first post about Pisa, and uploaded this video:




  1. no offense meant but as soon as you started talking I could not stop laughing!

    ON the shelf not in…

    “6.30 am but already bright”…. what an observation 😛

    mhux suppost tieghu vidjow fuq l-ajruplan 😛

    otherwise that was quite awesome, and I’m looking forward to some more.. 🙂
    pls thnks

  2. @ Mina: PFFF! Thanks for confirming how crass I sound when I open my mouth on video! The problem is that I say what comes first to my mind, and it’s generally not too bright 😛 Glad I could ammuse you though 😉
    And PLEASE do not follow the new Maltese rules or whatever of writing vidjow for ‘video’…It looks WRONG O:)

    • that was done purposely 🙂 (vidjow vidjow vidjow vidjow XD)
      and yes you did aMuse me (one ‘m’)
      no you’re not very bright are you? 😛

  3. @ Mina: pfff…EVIL…and I know it’s aMuse 😛 I was just typing too fast it seems…thanks for telling me AGAIN that I’m not too bright 😦

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