Posted by: annmucc | May 6, 2009

Pisa: Another Day of Extractions and Comparisons

Today was another day at university spent working on the extraction procedure of the dyes. We had thought that we had managed to get it right, but at the end we realised that one of the components is not extracting. Oh well, we will figure that out tomorrow, since the last part of the day was spent checking a new chromatographic column that had been ordered and that arrived today (and will be the one we will use). Now it seems to be good the girl I am working with said, but will probably do some more tests tomorrow.

Now that is time to go home however I start thinking about eating ;)…what to cook is the question! Yesterday I did some chicken salad…one problem…I forgot to remove the chicken from the freezer in the morning…so after trying some different ways of thawing the chicken, I put it in the pan, and then proceeded to chop the chicken into bite-sized pieces when I could manage to chop the piece up…I then added onions, green peppers to the mix, then placed togetehr with some cheese and tomatoes and ate…mmm

What about today? Not sure…maybe rice? Give me more ideas for other days though pws! I am new to this cooking every day thing, so I need them 😉



  1. Here’s a couple of fairly easy things to make; pizza, lasagna, pasta bolognese, chili con carne, stew or moussaka.

  2. rice salad
    Pasta with pesto, tomato sauce
    grilled chicken/beef/etc and vegetables/patata maxx
    chicken burgers (made with checken mince and carrots…u have the recipe supost)

    Ill tell u more when I think of them



    Or u can go there 😀

  4. @ Michael/Cec: Thanks for the suggestions ;). So far the oven was dirty (the other girl never used it so she only cleaned the hobs [which if its state was similar to that of the oven, she did a very good job as it is sparkling clean now!). But yesterday I decided to tackle the oven, so now we have a clean oven we can use :D. So hope to start doing these things (besides the chilli con carne :P)

  5. Well you can limit the Chili in the chili con carne to none if you dont want it hot 🙂

  6. @ MIchael: Then it is probably pasta bolognaise 😛 no?

  7. Pasta Pasta Pasta, you are in the right place for the best pasta meals. Quick and easy cooking and good for you.

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