Posted by: annmucc | May 8, 2009

Pisa: Chemistry, Dinners and Planning

The last two days have been quite hectic. First of all there is the work in the laboratory, which doesn’t always goes as planned (of course). We have gotten some work done, but the method is not optimal for what we need, so we need to keep on going to improve the method to get as good an analysis as we can. Hopefully we will manage this next week so that the week after I can start my real analysis…that’s my hope…we’ll see if it will turn to be reality! Besides the laboratory work there is also other things to think about. First of all I am trying to build my experimental system. I should have given my supervisor the quotes for the equipment I need before I left London, but that didn’t really work out (still waiting for quotes!).

But besides work (which is not so bad either), so far my time in Pisa is going very well I think. Yesterday Susanna, a lady from Spain who works in Norway arrived in Pisa for a week to do some work in the laboratory as well, so the people of the lab we went out for dinner together. It was good food, but I must say the portions were quite small 😉 (and I wasn’t the only one to see that…I didn’t comment but others did!). That meant that I walked home from uni, then back to the centre for dinner, then at least Alessia gave me and my flatmate a lift home. However, we were late arriving home, so today I was totally and utterly exhausted. I really must go to sleep!

However, before I sleep I need to eat (or maybe I do it vice-versa? ;)). What to cook? Still not decided…maybe pasta, cos I am too tired too think. I had been thinking of trying my hand at making a stew, but not sure I have the energy to figure that out right now. So far I have cooked couscous salad, pasta, and chicken salad. Hope to start exploring other options from next week :).

And what about the weekend? Well, tomorrow my flatmate and I are going to Siena :D. Can’t wait to see more of Italy, and Siena should be a good place. Then on Sunday I got to know through couchsurfing that some 40-odd people group are going to Cinque Terra. Not sure so far if I will join…depends on in which state I am tomorrow after Siena 🙂

This however means that I will be away from internet for the weekend…

Don’t miss me too much!



  1. Italyn sounds great especially this time of year. Enjoy yourself.

  2. you’re visiting all the places i want to visit :p Siena, Cinque Terre… have you been to Firenze yet? and San Gimignano? non sto piu nella pelle! Italiaaaa j’arriveeeee 😛

  3. @ Martin: It does!

    @ Marilyn: I didn’t go to Cinque Terre. I have only been to Siena. And I won’t be able to be with you every day probably, so on the days I’m not with you you can go see Siena or whatever 😛

  4. did you get my email about Cinque Terre Ann? I hope the info was helpful.

    Good to see you’re settling down well in Italy. Looking forward to hear of your adventures from there now. Might even come visit you too. 😉

  5. @ Grace: Yes I did receive the e-mail…Thanks for that…I see I didn’t reply to thank you O:) Sowwy! But I have internet for such a little time most days that I have to go through over 50 e-mails every morning! AAA! I didn’t go to Cinque Terre last weekend, but hopefully I will some other weekend.

    I am really enjoying Italy…and of course it would be great if you come to visit Italy again this month 😉

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