Posted by: annmucc | May 11, 2009

Pisa: A Weekend with Sara

This weekend was my first full weekend in Italy. Luckily Sara, my flatmate, was in Pisa (she goes home ever 2 weekends because she lives on the other side of Italy), so I got company.

In the beginning of last week we had decided that on Saturday we would go to Siena, since she hadn’t been there yet and had been planning on going there for some while (had even bought a guide book for Siena for when her boyfriend visited her, but they didn’t get round to going), and Siena was one of the places on the list of places for me to visit, so of course we opted for that. So Saturday morning saw us waking up a bit earlier than normal to catch the train to Siena.

It was a great trip for me…first of all because Siena is the kind of town I like, with a well-kept historical centre and world-famous objects, but also because I had Sara with me to explain to me about the objects I was seeing…Sara has done her first degree and is now doing her second degree in ‘Science and Technology applied to Cultural Heritage’, so she is well-versed in cultural heritage and about the paints, techniques, objects as well as conservation problems etc etc we were coming across. It was very good to have that kind of explanation going on, especially since otherwise probably I would not appreciate what I was seeing, or even realise the importance of some of the things we were seeing, such as frescoes by Simone Martini and Lorenzetti in the Palazzo Pubblico. Another impressive thing was entering the ‘Campo’ in Siena, where the yearly Palio is held…a big open space…through a narrow street…the effect is really impressive! You can see more of the trip in my previous post, here.

By the end of the trip I was dead tired! However, on arriving home Sara received a message from some friends of hers about a party that night…do I join? Hmm…Oh well! This was the only weekend Sara will be here and I don’t have visitors, so I said sure! So we cooked, changed, and then went off. We met some friends Sara met here through another guy who used to work in the lab, but moved to London to work at the British Museum a month or so ago. First we went to the house of two of them, following which we went to the main meeting place here in Pisa, followed by the open-air party held in one of the University Departments (organised by the Communist party apparently since the elections are close…but oh well…it was a free party with cheap drinks :)). This was probably my first real night out since moving to London, and though I was tired, I am soo glad I joined! I went home dead tired but happy.

Sunday morning both Sara and I woke up late. Sara wanted to go to the pool, and she said she wanted to relax in water after a week hunched over her computer. I am not too keen on swimming in pools, so decided to pass on it. However, the pool was closed (it only opens in the morning), so she messaged me to meet her at the train station…we were going to the sea at Tirrenia! Woohoo! I hurriedly changed and off I went…my first time at the sea this year. The water was FREEZING! But oh was it good to be there, and then sunbathe a bit and just in general relax.

Back home I had said I wanted to cook pizza. So we started on that…and mmm what a good pizza we got! Pooling our ideas we came up with the best pizza I ever cooked I think (I took photos, but haven’t downloaded them from the camera yet). Then we watched some episodes of Friends togetehr (apparently she is a fan, and has watched all the series in Italian! so seeing them in English is quite easy as she already knows the words and what will happen ;)).

I slept a happy girl then as I got a skype call O:). The one good thing about not having internet at home I guess is that I get these calls O:). Thanks!



  1. oooh tirrenia! round the corner up the road (a very long road) from the sea you can visit l’ accademia del softball 🙂

    siena sounds cool

  2. @ Mina: Hehe…how long? 😉

  3. I see someone’s dream came true!!! Congrats Annmucc!! Welcome to lovely Italy. I’m glad you have a great roommate and got to see Siena which is an amazing place. I am also drawn to historical places – which is one of the reasons I love Italy. And it’s true, the people are wonderful, the food is great, the country is beautiful and life is wonderful. But then again, I think this is a perspective that comes from within no matter where you live – Italy just makes it easier. Live it up!!! I’ll check in again to see how you are doing.

  4. @ Romancing Italy: Glad I accepted to come…now more than before. The work seems to be going OK, and I really like the life here so far. Thanks for checking in…and I’m SOOO envious of you living here ;).

  5. […] Sara and I have invited over Gianluca and Marianna, two of Sara’s friends we went out with last Saturday. We will cook some pasta and enjoy the night. I am quite exhausted after last night, and a day in […]

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