Posted by: annmucc | May 11, 2009

Pisa: Visiting Siena

Last Saturday I went to Siena with my flatmate Sara. I haven’t had time to write a post, but here is a video about the trip. Will update you about the rest of the weekend later.




  1. Cool! Thanks for another nice video. Siena looks like a nice city 🙂

  2. @ Michael: It is!

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  4. Hey Ann

    No video of Sara…I WANT TO SEE HER hehe

    bdw did u tell Chris u used his song? hihi


  5. @ Cec: Sara is in the video some 2 times for sure! and I e-mailed Chris, but no reply…

  6. Wow! Your video looks really professional! How long did it take to get there (train trip) from Pisa?

    Siena looks like a beautiful city 🙂

  7. @ Wen: Haha…professional I would DEFINITELY not say so…but thanks for the complement 🙂

    The train to Siena takes around 1.5hrs (costs around 7.6€ each way if I remember well).
    It IS beautiful…from Pisa there is easy access to quite a lot of gorgeous places

  8. Thanks…We will consider it for next year 😉

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