Posted by: annmucc | May 11, 2009


I feel like I need to tell someone!

In colour photographs there are three dyes: magenta, cyan and yellow. So far in our work we have managed to identify magenta and cyan, but hadn’t managed to find yellow dye in the spectra we were getting. But guess what I have just found? Some yellow dye!!! WOOHOO! And it was my first time doing the analysis of the spectra (usually the other girl I am working with did them, because I hadn’t figured out how to get the spectra into the place for analysis). This is not to say that the other girl wasn’t doing a good job! Far from it!!! The difference is (I hope!) that for the one I was analysing we were using a different solvent than before.

I feel like I have managed to do something!

Don’t worry if this doesn’t make any sense to you…just smile and nod! hehe!



  1. 🙂 smiling, nodding and hugging (wish I could)

  2. smiling and nodded

  3. smiles and nods

  4. @ all: Thanks 😀 You could be a bit more expressive though pffff!

  5. *smiles and nods*

    😛 xx

  6. You’ve lost me there!

  7. @ Martin: Hehe…I was just happy that my work in Pisa is going well…and wanted to shout it out O:)

  8. *smile and nod* I take enough pictures to understand a little about what you are talking about here. Am happy for you.

  9. @ all: LOL…I didn’t realise my last comment would elicit so many smiles and nods!

    @ Grace: Glad someone seems to show some level of understanding!!!

  10. 😀 seems like a breakthrough no?

    Prosit Ann! Keep up the good work!

  11. @ John: Thanks for your support 🙂 GL for your work too…ejja just a bit more and then to Egypt!

  12. coool!!! 🙂

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