Posted by: annmucc | May 18, 2009

Pisa: Another Packed Weekend

Another weekend in Pisa…and again another full one. This weekend Sara my flatmate went home to Rovigio for the weekend, so it was up to me to plan and decide. 

Saturday morning I had planned to go to Florence. I was a bit unsure about going on my own, but oh well! I decided to go anyways…I don’t have much time here in Pisa that I have the luxury to wait for other people to come with me ;). Now that I have been I am so glad I went…though it made me a bit sad to realise that in one or two days you can barely see anything in this great place…there is soooo much to see!!! And being alone did not bother me as much as I thought it would. In fact it was maybe better, since I could take everything at my own pace without worrying if the other person is enjoying it, irritated, if they want to enter a palce, or if the fee is too much, if I am keeping them back, or going too fast (and the million and one other things I can worry about). Being alone let me enjoy it MY way, and to talk to people along the way when I needed to, getting to know the people I meet. Check out my trip here:

By the time I got home (around 10pm) I was exhausted, so just cooked some pasta, and went off to sleep.

Sunday morning I had planned to go to the Cathedral in Pisa, since on Sunday morning it is free to enter ;). Going there I realised that there was the Pisa Marathon going on, so I took the opportunity to watch the runners on their way as well as arriving at the finish line. It was enlightening to see their delight at arriving at the end…you could see their satisfaction in finishing the race and in actually doing it. It made me want to get into it myself!

On the way home from the Duomo and marathon I stopped at the Palazzo Blu where an exhibition about Galileo’s time was taking place. I enjoyed it, but being in Italian wasn’t my favourite part of it ;). 

As I exited this exhibition I saw that I had a message from Alessia…did I want to go to the sea with her? Sure! So at around 1pm she came to pick me up and off we went to a rocky beach in Livorno. She also brought some goggles for me and her…WOW! The place was amazing. It is a bit of a hike to get down, but boy was it worth it! The place was very nice, and the life under the sea was gorgeous! We saw loads of sea urchins, as well as an octopus and an enormous starfish. Alessia also collected some sea urchins which we ate…mmmmm! When we got back to the shore we saw some guys collecting two octopuses to take them home to cook…It was interesting and scary…I didn’t know that when they colelct them they turn their head inside out, and remove the innards, following which they slam the octopus against the rocks to make its meat more tender. I have a video of it somewhere if I get round to uploading it. After baking a bit on the rocks, we went back in, but I soon ran out as Alessia saw a jellyfish…after being bitten by one last year I wasn’t to happy with this new swimming mate! I still have the marks from that sting!!!

After getting out of the water we then went for ice-cream on the way home in Ardenza…you could immediately realise that this is a popular place with the locals, considering the crowd in front of the shop, everyone enjoying their ice-cream.

Back home it was then time for cooking, cleaning a bit (since my flatmate cleans every weekend ;)), and then off to sleep to be fresh (?) for another week of work.



  1. Looks like you had a good time there 🙂

  2. @ Michael: I did 🙂

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