Posted by: annmucc | June 2, 2009

Pisa: Guest Vloggers!

While Cecilia and Marilyn were in Pisa, Cecilia wanted to make a video (thajret hi :P). Here is the video made for the first two days (sorry to disappoint, but none for the last 2 days will happen, as no video was taken :))



  1. Haha I love the evolution bit 🙂

  2. @ Michael: :D:D:D

  3. Halli alik…

  4. Congrats Marilyn…you have become a VLOGGER!!

  5. a *what*?

  6. eee lool… typo ta Ann haha 😀

  7. @ Marilyn/Cecilia: pfff – a vlogger is one who blogs using videos….pffff!:

  8. @ Marilyn: typo xejn! I was right! you were guests and you were doing a video…so guest vloggers…pfff!

  9. then you’re a tlogger not a blogger cos you blog (tlog?) using *T*ext 😀

  10. @ Mawilyn: It is called a blog, short for weblog:

  11. lol… ok fine…
    keep bloggin mela 😀 and vlogging once in a while 😉 x
    cu ghada?! have a safe trip back home babe x

  12. @ Marilyn: hehe…will do, though the frequency has been reduced the last couple of weeks! AAAA! cu tomorrow? boqq hopefully…let me know if anything is planned 😀

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