Posted by: annmucc | June 5, 2009

On the Go

A week ago I was in Italy, spending a day at Cinque Terre with Michael (I hope he blogs about his trip, since it seems like I won’t O:)…thanks Michael! :P). Today I am in London. And tonight? I will be in Malta :D. I am only returning for the weekend arriving tomorrow at 1:15am and leaving malta again on Monday at 7:15am. Why the short visit? Well…the MEP elections are this weekend, and the government of Malta, since there are no provisions for Maltese citizens living abroad to vote, provides cheap flights (35€ return all inclusive). I was not one to say no to such an offer right? However, having just returned from a month in Pisa I didn’t want to go for too long…so it resulted in one weekend (after I booked I got to know that my supervisor would be away from the office from Thursday to Wednesday, so I could have done the same ;)). But anyways! It’s fine. I also get to go to Christa’s farewell party (she was the one who visited me in London with Marilyn in March…she is going to go to work in Brussels), which is lucky of me to be there on time :D.Β 

Another good thing about the flights? Well, definitely that the flight is with AirMalta, Malta’s national carrier. I have always been travelling using low-cost airlines lately…but this means I get to have much more luggage allowance than usual ;)…which I plan to use. There is not much stuff I want to take down to Malta, so I asked Adrian and Ruth, two Maltese students here who are now returning to London, if there is anything they want me to help them with. Adrian took me up on the offer, so now I have a luggage full of his stuff (actually more…I think I will have to take down my rucksack as my main luggage and keep my handlugagge as that!). He also left a luggage in my room for him to collect when he comes back to London in July. As he was carrying stuff to my room, he also asked me if I wanted some of his stuff he was leaving behind….hmmm…there is the Maltese saying which goes ‘Malta never refused wheat’, i.e. Malta never refused anything, so I said yes to things πŸ˜‰ So now I have a pillow and duvets (woohooo! I was sleeping with a pillow case full of towels as didn’t have time to go buy them yet), a mini fridge, a heater, a printer, a corkscrew, sticky papers, a BOOK! (:D), pins, and loads of other stuff! Great πŸ™‚ I am set for the next few months now πŸ˜‰ Thanks Adrian!

And what about my new residence? Well, so far I feel much happier here…I like the atmosphere, and the people are more friendly here (not that all in MAC were unfriendly mind you! but it wasn’t like I felt too friendly). I also get to walk to university every morning…around a 20-25min walk, which is great! So so far so good.

Plans for travel in the future? Yeps…as always…there are! I should be going to Denmark around the 20th of June for the weekend…the flights were 5GBP each way, and Michael will be in Denmark, so I just went for them. Also, considering that Michael has done most of the trips lately, it was about time that I get my ass on a flight to see him (I had a tirp planned to Prague in May, with the tickets already bought, but then went to Pisa, so that got cancelled and he visited). Also…*drumroll*…I might be going to US for a course in August! Trying to figure out funding, since it is so expensive, but on the other hand the course is so perfect! If I go this will be my first time in the US…yesterday I was trying to look at where I have to go and checking a bit how much the flight would cost approximately…AAAA! the US is SOOO big! THe address said New York, and so I was looking for flights to New York…but though where I want to go IS in the state of New York (or something similar), it is actually closer to Toronto! Sooooo confusing! We’ll see how it goes!

Anyways…I need to start getting ready to go to uni…but had thought that a good blog post was long in coming.

Will let you know how all goes πŸ˜€



  1. THE US??
    how cool πŸ™‚

  2. @ Mina: Not sure yet…it’s a possibility though πŸ˜€ (and if I get to go hopefully I manage to figrue my way to get to WHERE I have to go :P)

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  4. Ok, I finally got around to writing about my trip to visit you πŸ™‚

    Enjoy Malta and say hi from me.

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