Posted by: annmucc | June 6, 2009

In Malta…Doing my Civic Duty

I arrived in Malta early this morning. After a long bath (even though it was 1:15am when we landed, I always look forward to having a bath [actually a shower in a bath :P] when I get here…it makes me feel cleaner for some reason O:)).

This morning I got up at around 9am. I had a couple of errands I wanted to run, but I immediately saw that something was up, as I saw Cecilia and mum whispering together, then mum phoning, while Cecilia tried to distract me ;). I knew someone was probably coming to our house, and so when they tried to kepe me home before starting the errands I acted like a good kid and did so ;). My aunt from Mellieha (the other side of the island!) wanted to come to see me. She arrived at our house at around 10:30. It was nice to se eher, especially as she got me this cute little teddybear she made out of beads for my keychain :D. By now it was a bit late, so she drove me down to the village centre to start my errands…mainly going to the bank to sort some things out there, then on to my aunts, then on to another aunt, then on to vote, and last anotehr appointment, before reurning to the aunts as before 2 of them weren’t there.

How do I feel about voting though? Well…not having been in Malta I feel a bit out of the loop as to who was being put forward as a candidate (not that if I was here I would have known all of them ;)). I am not sure that I voted in the most knowledgeable manner O:), but hey…I tried my best to follow the news online, and I actually made the effort to go to vote (not least because if I didn’t I would have had to pay full price for the flight :P). So that’s my civic duty for the day done.

Now tonight? I should be going out with the gang…It will be great to see them I am sure 😀

Will let you know how it goes!



  1. Hi Annuca,
    WBSD is almost here! Please visit for updates and the link list.

    This should be a fun one with the theme of food! Can’t wait to see what the posts will be like on Saturday!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

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