Posted by: annmucc | June 10, 2009

Malta…and back to London

I left you in my last post with me being in Malta. Thatnight I went out with Christabelle, Marilyn, Alex F. and Chris (and Edward came to join us for a while) to a wine bar, where we had a cheese platter, wine, and a bit of laughs. THe next day was the turn of Paula to cut my hair (I always do it once I go to Malta as it is cheaper ;)). I had really liked my hair cut last time, so I just trimmed it to the same style šŸ™‚

The evening? It was Christabelle’s farewell. Christa has got a job in Brussels as a research officer for the permanent representative (I think…or something similar). I was lucky that it coincided with my two-day visit. This also meant that I got the opportunity to meet a lot of my friends in one place, which would have otherwise been close to impossible…Good night…thanks Christa for the party šŸ˜‰

Monday morning then saw me on the flight back to London. Luckily, Matthew GS was next to me on the plane, and on the tube I was with MGS and two other Maltese people, Liana and Darren. This meant that the trip went by quite fast (besides some serious problems with air pressure…as we were landing my right ear felt like bursting! The problem was probably that my sinuses were blocked, since no one else seemed to have a problem).

Now I have been in London for another half week…hectic week with a lot to do, particularly in preparing for a monitoring meeting I have this Friday. Today as well was a busy day with a ‘Collaborative Doctoral Award London Student Network’ meeting during the day, which ended with a visit to the Shah ‘Abbas exhibition at the British Library. Following this I had registered for a webinar on ‘IR and Raman Spectroscopy for the Chemical Analysis of Art’. And last, this evening (6-9pm) I attended a skills development course on presenting research. Now I am home, quite exhausted…Hope I managed however to keep my blog updated more than I have over the past few weeks!



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