Posted by: annmucc | June 14, 2009

Free Preview: Sunshine Cleaning

On Friday night one of the featured items on yahoo was a list of ways to enjoy yourself for free. One of the items on this list was a website via which you can register to attend for film previews for free. Sure I said…I will register! So register I did. Then, when I woke up on Saturday morning I found an e-mail with a link to register for free tickets for the preview of the film Sunshine Cleaning. And book my tickets I did!

So this morning saw me making my way to the Odeon cinema at Whiteley’s (Bayswater/Queensway) for the preview.

I arrived at the cinema (around 15mins before the film should have started) and the shutter was still down…hmmm…I’ll wait I guess! Around 5 minutes later the shutter started going up, and all of us with the tickets for the preview trudged in. I am directed to screen 7…I open the first door and see darkness! AAAA! Why can’t they switch on the light?? I have to feel my way through two doors and then through to finding a seat…not a pretty sight believe me…I couldn’t see a thing! One other thing which surprised me was that the cinema wasn’t arranged as I am used to in Malta…with a sloping floor. Instead it was like an old-school theatre, with the seats all on one level and a sticky floor. Oh well…it is free…won’t complain ;). Another thing which surprises me every time I see a film in a cinema which is not in Malta is that the films run without an intermission…in Malta all films have an intermission (I guess to get the people to buy food and drink during this time ;)).

Film started…but what did I think of the film?

Well, it wasn’t a bad film, but neither was it an amazing one…not what I term ‘a cinema film’ i.e. a film which is improved by watching it at the cinema. I would class the film as a ‘filling in a week night’ film. It is about this woman (with a child) who starts a crime-scene clean-up business with her sister (who is not the most reliable person in the world!). I felt that the film had a lot of threads, but didn’t develop them to their full potential, so giving you the impression of it being a glimpse into a story rather than a full story.

So my verdict? Nice film. Watch it but don’t expect to be awed by it. But hey! It was free for me! So definitely a good thing 😉 It was the first film I’ve watched since I’ve moved to London!



  1. how you manage to find such deals I really don’t know…

  2. @ Mina: I found this website through one of those featured articles you find when you go on yahoo…

  3. but I don’t go on yahoo 😛

  4. @ Mina: Your problem 😛 I have an old e-mail there, which I check every so often.

  5. imbad rat id-dawl, u qalbet gmail 😀

  6. @ Marilyn: hehe…not really :P…I was in Germany and msn at uni was blocked, so Christa sent me an invite for gmail so I could chat there…and voila! I have a gmail account (which is now my main acocunt ;))

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