Posted by: annmucc | June 18, 2009

Biking in London

When I had originally bought it I had big hopes of biking to university every day, but that didn’t really work out, mainly due to the distance (and my unfit state? :P). Well, now I live much closer to uni (around 20min walk), and as I told you, I collected my bike from my old residence last Saturday. This time round I have decided that I won’t let much get in my way…and in fact I have ridden the bike 3 times since last Saturday! The first on Sunday, to go meet Matthew GS to go to church together, then Tuesday and today I biked to uni :D…yeps! I am biking it! I am guessing you’re asking, but why not every day? Well, Monday and Wednesday I had a skills development course, so didn’t want to arrive at them already tired ;). Also, I only have a not-so-nice backpack, and no bike carriers…and didn’t want to go to MATLAB with the backpack (yeps…I am vain sometimes, though you might not think it of me O:)).

So what do I think of biking in London? Well…every time I have left home before 8:30am. This meant that I guess I did not get the heavy rush hour (which I guess is later? boqq). Anyways, whatever the reason, I don’t feel overcrowded on the road, and I feel much more confident riding a bike now than I used to. Also, I have managed to convince myself to raise my bike seat a bit, so that rather than crouching on the bike, my legs can actually extend…this means that I get tired so much less (since I actually get the power out of the stroke ;)). I am so happy I am finally making use of my bike…at least I will hopefully get my money’s worth out of it 😛


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