Posted by: annmucc | June 23, 2009

Weekend in Denmark

Last weekend I spent it in Denmark. MCA was going home for two weeks, and RyanAir was offering flights at 5GBP, so I decided to grab the opportunity to go back to Denmark to see this lovely place (and him of course ;)). I am envious of all the cheap flights available to Denmark…flying to Malta is definitely not that cheap!

I arrived in Denmark of Friday night, and after driving home Michael cooked me some beef…mmm!…having lived over the past few weeks on pasta and couscous (evidence of laziness and lack of enthusiasm), anything prepared by anyone else, and particularly a dinner of meat and veg tasted wonderful! Glad Michael heeded my advice of cooking some meat (sans chicken, which I have cooked).

Saturday morning saw Michael and I do a trip round the south of Denmark, and also to the very north of Germany. Luckily the sun was out for most of the trip (it should have rained all weekend according to the forecast, but we only got very little rain and we were always in the car when it did rain!) so I got a full dose of the gorgeous Danish countryside, from the castle at Schackenborg, to the windmill and dam at Hojer, then on to the German border and into Germany, on to Rudbol/Rosenkranz, which is a town divided into two by the German-Danish border…Michael and I can say we kissed each other while in two different countries…you try that :P. From there it was on back home. The evening was then filled with a visit to Ribe for the ‘Rounds of the Nightwatchman‘ where a man dressed as a night watchman goes round the town ‘checking to see if there are any fires or disturbances’, while ‘telling the people the time’, and also telling the people joining him (this is the modern part πŸ˜‰ ) about the places they are going past. I had been to Ribe two Februaries ago, on a freezing windy rainy day…this time round it looked much better ;). Great thing to do if you are in Ribe…and it’s free too!

Sunday saw us lazing around in the morning. Then in the afternoon, we went with MCAs parents to a nearby forest, where we walked around and saw the place, together with a visit to the windmill in the place, and ended with a barbecue in the middle of the forest, next to a dam(?)…I also understood for the first time what fish stairs are and how they work!

After the delicious bbq, we then went to visit an aunt and uncle, both to say hi, and also so that MCA could rummage in their attic where he is keeping some of his stuff from his university days in Denmark to pass on some stuff to me…so now I am the proud owner of two pots, a pan, a lasagna dish, a cheese-cutter and a number of CDs…I got all this through security in my hand luggage, and they didn’t say anything (though they opened my luggage)…glad they let me through ;). After the rummage we then sat down to a beer/cider in their garden, while playing with the dog and jumping a bit on the trampoline…they had this enormous trampoline, and it being the first time on a decent-sized trampoline, I of course enjoyed it :D.

Monday was then the last day I was there. After another lazy morning just packing, and cycling to the shops and back, Michael and I left his parents house after lunch. We then proceeded to drive (and get lost a million times!) to Jelling, which they say has ‘the birth certificate of Denmark’ and is a World Heritage Site, then on to a statue park in Torskind (which I must say didn’t impress me much), and then on to another set of aunts/cousins/uncle. One of MCAs aunts lives close to the airport (10mins or so away), so we went to their place to say hi (Michael hadn’t been their for years! though we had seen them over the Christmas holidays at Michaels parents place) and for some dinner (GORGEOUS bbqd beef…wow! I was really impressed).

Last stop? The airport :(. Had to say goodbye to a gorgeous place and a wonderful weekend. I guess once Michael is in London we might visit often, considering the cheap flights between the two places (It is common to find them for 5GBP if not 1GBP as well including taxes…there are always offers on this route it seems, unlike for the Malta one :().

Now I am back in London, back into the grind of things…can’t wait to have Michael here though! 3 months to go!



  1. How funny that we were both in Soenderjylland at the same time. πŸ™‚
    Glad you enjoyed it, we did too. The weather was an experience though!

  2. @ Tina: hehe…blogging is a small world! Weather treated us well I must say…we seemed to doge the rain every time πŸ˜€

  3. And now there are pictures up from the trip πŸ˜‰

    Us in front of HΓΈjer mill
  4. @ Michael: Thanks! Maybe I get the urge to put some into the post at some point O:)

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