Posted by: annmucc | July 5, 2009

Science Exhibitions, Prides and Pubs

Yesterday was a busy day for me, doing the things in the title and many(?) more…

First off was the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. Have no idea how I came across it, but anyways…I did. This science exhibition was on last week and going through the website I got excited about going. However, during the week I was always quite busy, so never quite made it. So Friday I decided I will definitely have to go on Saturday, and Thibaut took me up on the offer (after hassles with our non-compatible timings…he skyped me at 2am!! I was fast asleep though…Then I e-mailed him Sat morning, but he was still asleep…we managed to make contact at around 10:15am that he was coming (I was already on my way), but we managed to meet…WOOHOOO).

What was there at the Science Exhibition? It was made up of a number of stands, where the actual researchers who worked on projects (mainly PhD students, research assistants and professors) explained the work with the use of their highly interesting and well thought out displays…I was impressed by the set-ups I must say! They also all had give-aways so if you were up for collecting everything you could really stock up on pencils/papers/pens/mouse-mats/mugs/small games etc :P.

Anyways, all in all a great experience and so glad I made it in the end. I definitely want to visit again next year (hopefully with Michael now ;)). I liked the hands on approach of the whole thing, and the interesting way they brought the topics down to the understanding of everyone…not easy for most in the sciences 😉

After that I had to meet some potential flatmates in Camden (yes…I’m looking for a place from mid-September, so going through all the flat-sharing looking right now…hope we find somewhere soon for that to be settled :P). I had looked it up on-line that I could easily get from next to Trafalgar Square where the science exhibition was located, and Camden…One problem though! I had disregarded the London Pride Parade that was scheduled for yesterday! And it coincided exactly with the time I wanted to get the bus! I ended up having to walk from Trafalgar Square to Baker Street to get a bus, in crowds of people (particularly next to Oxford Circus). Oh well…I arrived late at Edinboro Castle, the pub we had to meet at…which I really liked…but it was OK (he was late too :P). Also, that meant that on the way I got to see the Parade 🙂 In a way I wished I had more time to see more of it – I liked the colours, music, and festive atmosphere – but oh well…there is always next year :).

By the time I was then back home I was quite exhausted, so I cooked some bolognaise sauce, and went off to my lovely room to rest 🙂



  1. How many give aways did u get??

  2. @ Cec: Hmm…got like 3-4 pens/pencils, a model particle accelerator (which I need to set up now), and a mouse mat 😀

  3. ohhh nofair…I want some too 😦

  4. @ Cec: ejja zurni darb’ohra u tista ggib int ukoll 😛

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