Posted by: annmucc | July 6, 2009

Sundays are Getting Better :)

Often Sunday evenings here in London meant me lazing as much as possible at home O:). Luckily, today (besides the essential Sunday lazing ;)), was so much more (afternoon and evening – till 2pm was, of course, lazing and sleeping – I desperately need my weekend sleeping!)

First off was meeting Steph again (WOOHOOO). As I said in ‘I’m a Geeky Techie‘ she moved to London last week and brought me the recovery media for my laptop. Today however we met in the afternoon just for a coffee (which turned into a frappe to cool us down ;)) at Euston Station. It is so nice to have people to meet up with and just chat along with. After our frappe, we then both made our way home.

The plan was that I go home and do a load of washing (which I had originally planned for Friday, but never got round to). However, on the way home, I heard a ‘Ara min hawn!’ (‘Look who’s here!)…It was Ivan, a guy from Malta working as a doctor in Wales, but down in London for a conference…and we just happened to meet on the road. It was a nice surprise to see him and get some more Maltese dosage and friendliness into the day. However, it was soon a rush back home, to actually get the washing done before my evening plans 😉

And what were the evening plans you must be saying? Well, I had two free tickets to go hear the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican. So far having two tickets would still have meant me going alone, as none of my friends have taken up the offer to join me for similar stuff. However, after I went to the Beethoven concerts, one of my flatmates said she was interested…woohooo…I got a friend to go with yesterday!

The main concert I went to was a symphony concert playing music by Schumann, Sibelius and Brahms. However, before the concert, there was a free (for all this time ;)) concert! We attended this (both as it was free 😉 and as we had to be there at least one hour early to pick up the tickets). So glad we went to it though! I really enjoyed it!

First up was Schumann’s Fantasie for Cello and Piano Op.73. I really loved the cello player, Vashti Hunter. I loved the sound coming out of her instrument…it was great!

The second performance was then Schumann’s Piano Quintet Op.44 by the Barbirolli Quartet (Gemma Beeson was the pianist for both). I really liked the energy they put into their playing, and the energy coming out of their music. If there was anything to suggest for change I would say that I would have liked a bit more interaction between the musicians, since though they sounded very much in synch and nothing sounded to be lacking from their music, besides the violist, it seemed like they were all immersed in what they were playing in isolation of the others. Anyways…just my idea.

Then it was time for the LSO! First up was Schumann’s Manfred Overture. This was then followed by Sibelius’s Violin concerto in D minor (Op. 7), and after the interval Brahms’ Symphony No. 2 in D major (Op. 73)

I really loved the first half of the programme. In particular I liked the encore performance of Frank Peter Zimmermann, who was the soloist for the violin concerto. It was amazing! He played what he called some variations on the concerto…on his own…but he made it sound so good! He was bowing and plucking at the same time, making it sound as though there were so many more people playing…I was impressed! When I used to play I could manage bowing or plucking, but both together and playing different melodies in the different manners at the same time was DEFINITELY beyond me!

After the itnerval was Brahms’ 2nd Symphony. This was the favourite of my flatmate, but it didn’t inspire me as much…probably as it was in a major key, and I am generally more inspired by music in a minor key (my melancholic side emerging maybe?). Nevertheless…it was still amazing! I haven’t heard a full orchestra playing in ages! So it was a good thing to do, and a perfect finish to a great Sunday 🙂



  1. Hmmm….no fair…the ppl at the website never contact me re events in Malta LOL…I WANT TO COME TO LONDON!!

  2. @ Cec: This wasn’t one of those…but you can come whenever you want 😛

  3. […] one of the first things Michael commented on. I love-love-loved it! Have already been to another show there, and now am looking forward to the next ones! Bring them […]

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