Posted by: annmucc | July 11, 2009

Day of Meetings

Yesterday was a day of meetings. Not really something out of the ordinary I guess, but having two in one day back to back was not normal to me.

First one was a meeting with my supervisor…we went to lunch together and then dicussed the progress over coffee. I had been meaning to ask him for a meeting for over a week, since he had originally skyped me to ask me to lunch on the day of the Library seminar. Since that day I had a couple of things that I wanted to discuss with him, but typical me, I kept on postponing it for some reason or other…first that I wanted to finish the report on values I was writing before I met him, then that there was a meeting for another project in the department so I got the excuse that I should let him concentrate on that, then that the stainless steel wire hadn’t arrived…anyways…as you can see I have the tendency to postpone things when it means asking other people for their time/service/opinion/help etc. Luckily however, he skyped me on Thursday night (yes, at around 9:30pm ;)…but that’s OK :)) to ask me for a meeting on Friday afternoon. However, I had another meeting in the afternoon, so we settled on lunch.

The meeting started off with lunch (yeay! 😛 I got some soup…which I never cook for myself, so it is good), followed by coffee (I actually got coffee for one…I thought I would need it to be awake for two meetings in a row…but only a small one mind you ;)…and he treated me to both lunch and coffee…yeay!…in exchange (or so he said, so knowing him it would have been anyways like that) for Kinnie which he seems to like :)). Coffee was taken outside in the sun (yeay to sun!). It was good to talk about what progress I have been doing (not sure I have done much :P), and him reminding me about some things I should have done, and others which I should start working for. All in all an OK meeting from my point of view (would have been of course much better if I had finished already everything we had discussed 😛 but then that would have not been any kind of challenge).

The second meeting was then with Stefan Kueppers about image processing. As part of a preliminary study I aged a couple of photographs in strips. Now I have photos in strips which have been sequentially aged. I was wondering if I could now use the changes in the strips to digitally alter the whole photograph. Discussing a couple of options, we concluded that I would need to rethink that part of the experiment, but it is not impossible to do. Nevertheless, he showed me a couple of ways via which I could depict the changes I got visually, which would be good for presentation reasons. So not all to waste.

In the middle of all this I also received an e-mail that from this year all student need to do their PhD upgrade (we register as M.Phil students originally, and then you have to apply to an upgrade to a PhD) within one year. Up to the students who started before me, they had no deadline for this. Oh well…I guess I will need to get the documents for that all sorted out etc…deadline for getting everything in is the 24th of September as the upgrade meeting is then it seems.

Well, after all this I decided I needed to relax :). I had been planning to cook lasagna over the weekend, but I decided to change the plans and do it yesterday, and use the cooking as a way of relaxing. Didn’t turn out too badly (though I couldn’t find the cheese sauce as I wanted it, and I took it out of the oven too quickly as I thought it was done but it wasn’t, so had to put it back). However, even though I shared it I had too much of it…not complaining about eating cold lasagna today though…mmmmm!

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