Posted by: annmucc | July 14, 2009

What have I been Up to?

My sister complained that I have not updated the blog for a while…so I will try to make her happy 😛

So what I have been up to?

Over the past few weeks, there has been a major thing I have been thinking about and which I realise I haven’t written about…

I need to move out of my current residence in September (UCL accommodation is only guaranteed for 1st year students, so other students need to move out then). Michael should also be coming to London in September. Hence…we have been looking for a place to live. Originally I had said I don’t want to do the search on my own, and we were thinking of doing it when Michael comes here (there is around 1 week between when he arrives and when I have to move out). However, thinking it over I decided I much rather brave the looking around on my own than to squash it all into a hectic week.

So over the past few weeks we have been house-hunting. Luckily, though Michael is not in London, he has been doing whatever he can from Prague, searching on-line ads and replying to ads etc. before turning the ads over to me since I am the one who needs to organise viewings etc.

Where are we now in the hunt? We MIGHT have found a place…but don’t want to sound too hopeful until the contract is signed. Will let you know how that goes though when it is completed.

Happy Cecilia? 😛




    I Love my sister 😀

  2. @ Cec: 😛

  3. I see that you and Michael have signed the contract for the apartment. Congratulations!! 🙂

    Still no news from the rest about Saturday night. I should msg everyone and find out what you all wanna do. See you soon!

    • Thanks Grace 🙂
      And we made it after all 🙂

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