Posted by: annmucc | July 19, 2009

Christabelle we Meet

It’s been a weekend of being out and meeting people. Today was no exception. Christabelle was travelling through London and had some time before she got on the Eurostar. Did I want to meet up? Sure! Of course :). It would be great to meet her.

So this afternoon saw me being off to Euston station to meet her…then off to Starbucks for a hot choc (for me), then Tesco to buy some food for me, and then I left her to be off. It’s always great to meet up with people from Malta, and just relax with them…and Christa is no exception :). Here in London I am mainly around people who are older than me. Being around my Malta friends means that I am back in contact with people my age. That is awlays nice, though I also find I don’t notice the age difference too much most of the time. But it is nice to let down my hair every so often and just act silly with not too many strange looks 😛



  1. babes 😥 xxx

  2. @ Mar: awww :-/

  3. Ann has company!!

    Hpfuly she will get more once shes in her new house and I come visit YEAH!!

  4. @ Cec: LOL…it was only for one afternoon…*SOB* Come and visit 😛 Tista tigi issa jekk trid ukoll 🙂

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