Posted by: annmucc | July 21, 2009

Computer Problems…AGAIN!

Remember this and this?

Well, today I arrived home and my laptop started giving me error messages…it seems like I needed some code or other to activate it which I didn’t know where to find! AAAAAAAA…grr! Oh well, I said, I will have to reinstall the OS AGAIN and hopefully it will now work. So starting everything up form the beginning, I rebooted the laptop from the OS CD. And guess what? My laptop is up and running again :D. I feel so good about my IT skills 😉 (with some help form Michael, and some ‘I don’t know’s’ from Stephen :P).

Anyways, before the Computer saga the day was going quite well. It was being a good day :D. Halfway through the day Adrian called…he was in town and wanted to check if  was up for lunch together? Sure! So off I went. He suggested this Italian restaurant he had been to the day before, which offers a 2 course meal of a starter, main course (pasta or pizza) and a glass of wine for £7.95…Not a bad deal for London! The waiters all spoke Italian, and the food was delicious…I didn’t even manage to eat all my pizza! Definitely worth it :). And Adrian was nice enough to be a gentleman and pay [it was in thanks for taking a load of his stuff down to Malta last I was going down for the election which would have otherwise cost him loads in extra weight, as well as keeping one of his luggages here for him to collect on this trip]. It was good to talk and catch up with a fellow Maltese PhD student 😀

Who next to London? It should now be Lara next Sunday. WOOHOOO…seeing my friends from Malta is always great! I don’t see them much in Malta, so it is good to catch up when they come here 🙂





  1. Aha…so thats why adrian left a message on MSN saying ur alive and kicking hihi

  2. do you know how many of us in prague rely on Michael’s IT problem solving skills? 😉

    good to see you again last weekend. I will most likely be back in London before a few days before 27 Sept as I am flying from London to Sydney on 27 Sept. hopefully we’ll get a chance to catch up again.

    See you soon in prague!

  3. @ Cec: LOL no…probably that was because I met Adrian for lunch yesterday 🙂

    @ Grace: Now I will get him rather than needing to figure stuff out myself 😛 (even though I do sometimes get a teeny weeny bit irritated about the way he tries to explain stuff to me O:)). We should be in London around the 27th…no plans so far…so would be good to see you 🙂 See you soon again I hope!

  4. Ann, I love that cartoon. Perfect!
    I know what you mean about the frustration of crashing all the time. At the moment my laptop is sooooo slow that I keep pinching Monsieur’s… I think this will only last so long before he tells me to get lost.
    Good to see you found a new flat!
    Will you be at the Meetup on 4th Aug?

  5. @ Epicurienne: Mine used to be quite OK…my hard disk crashed a few weeks back, and have been having some problems. Hopefully they are now all solved! I should be at the meetup unless something goes wrong. Hope to see you there!

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