Posted by: annmucc | July 27, 2009

A Different Kind of Friday

Friday…last day of the working week…different day? Why?

Last week was (if I say so myself) one of my least productive since I started working on my PhD. Nothing was urgent enough for me to do it, and most of the work consisted of little bits and bobs which every time took me soooo long to get round to doing the work. Seeing how the rest of the week had progressed, I decided to take Friday morning off to rest and relax (I have been feeling a bit run down for a few weeks now on and off. Also, both my supervisor and one of the research assistants were on holiday, while the other research assistant had a meeting outside of London…so I was going to be the only one). The plan was to go to the office in the afternoon. However, when I looked out of the window it was raining…so i decided to stay home for the afternoon as well O:).

But why did I plan to take the morning off? People who know me would probably expect me to take the afternoon off! Well…because in the evening…at LONG last (we had been trying to organise this since my return from Pisa in the beginning of June)…Lou and I were going to meet up (Remember Lou and Alex?). The plan was that we go to the Photographer’s Gallery together…so off I went! (luckily the rain had stopped by this time, so I took my time to walk there from home).

After meeting at Carnaby Street (I was reading a newspaper when Lou arrived and didn’t notice her arriving, so when she said hi I jumped out of my skin!), Lou and I went to the Photographer’s gallery. There were two exhibitions on. The first one on the ground floor was called ‘On Reading‘ by Andre Kertesz. I really liked the photographs in this one! The photographs all showed people reading (or something connected with reading)…all in different places…from the Rubbish dumps in Manila to in a library and everything in between. I liked the way it showed all these people so engrossed in what they were reading…most of them barely seemed to realise that they were being photographed. If I were to ever start becoming interested in creating some kind of photographic collection of images I take myself, a topic such as this one would probably be one which captures my interest the best.

The second exhibit on the top floor was then called ‘When You’re a Boy‘ About ‘Men’s Fashion styled by Simon Foxton‘. Though the images in this exhibit had much vivider colours (the other one was black and white ;)…and studying colour photographs maybe I should be more interested in colour?), I was not as drawn towards them as I was to the understated black and white photographs in the other exhibition. Undoubtedly, the subject was not something which interests me as much, and thus the lack of interest is probably understandable and has nothing to do with the quality of the prints.

Well, after a wander aroundthe exhibits and the shop and print gallery (there is a notice saying that photographs start from ‘as little as £250’…not sure where they got the little from :P), we then made our way to Leon, a restaurant next/on Carnaby Street. Lou suggested it having been there a number of years ago. I, as always, was fine with anything :).  After getting a table, it was on to deciding what to get. after a lot of hmming and ha-ing we decided to get a number of small dishes and share…so we got meatballs, humus, flatbread, and a salad. I am so glad we got a mixture of stuff. This meant I could share and taste more than one dish *GRIN* and I wasn’t disappointed! It was good food at a decent price…what is there to complain about?

After eating at the restaurant we then made a brief visit to Top Shop at Oxford Circus before making our way to our separate homes.

It was good to see her again and catch up on stuff (both her and Alex had visited Michael in Prague in May, so I have had news of them…but nothing like meeting up yourself ;)). Hope we get to meet up soon, especially when Michael is in London. Maybe another trip to Cambridge would be in order? 😛



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