Posted by: annmucc | July 27, 2009

Lara Moves to the UK!

Lara has finally moved to the UK (not to London, but to Kent…close enough). But who is Lara? Lara is a girl from my class in sixth form (high school?). We went to Egypt together (Steph as well…remember her?) and were in the same group of friends. All in all…a very good friend with whom I have spent a lot of time. She moved to the UK yesterday to pursue the two years of the Foundation Programme required for Medical Students once they graduate. I wasn’t disappointed that both her and Steph chose the UK…I now have two friends close by!

Well…Lara flew in to London in the morning. However, she didn’t need to be at her accomodation before 6pm as only then could she get a key. I immediately took her up on an offer for her to stay in London and for us to spend the day together. That meant we could catch up :D. I had seen her when I visited Malta for the elections but only briefly…she was in final year medical student exam mode panic…so she was more than busy :).

I planned that we meet at Covent Garden at 9:30am to start the day from there (she was carrying her luggage around…but oh well! We could manage :P). We both arrived nearly together (and slightly early :P). Lara was very much surprised as to how quiet London is on a Sunday morning…practically no one was around at 9:30am! It had surprised me as well when i moved here, but now I guess I am quite immune to it. From Covent Garden we then made our way down to Trafalgar Square, on to Westminster and big Ben and to see the London Eye from over the Bridge, then on to St.James Park, Buckingham Palace and all the way to Victoria from where she had to get her train. Hmm…however…we were early! We did that in around 2hrs, luggage and all, and taking it slowly more than enough! Oh well…we sit down now. We looked for a  Subway and grabbed a sandwich each from there and sat down. Ahhh…REST!

Rest for us also meant =Non-stop chatting! Woohoo…we had so much to catch up…and for me to scatter my pearls of wisdom about living in the UK (WHAT pearls of wisdom? LOL!). We spent more than 2 hrs sitting there and just talking…AHH! It is nice to talk a good quantity of Maltese (though now I feel my brain a bit fuddled up by languages LOL).

She had to catch the train at 14:42, so we had to make our way for her to buy her tickets by the end of that (soon too soon I must say!).

Hope I get to see her soon…maybe this weekend? 😉



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