Posted by: annmucc | August 1, 2009

Weekend Part 1: The Girls Visit

Slowly slowly more of my friends are moving away from Malta. The last to move away have been Steph and Lara, two now doctors, who were in my same class in sixth form and we also went to Egypt together. They bought arrived permanently in the UK last week…I have met them separately in the UK but not together as yet…but yesterday? SLEEP OVER DAY! 😀

While I was with Lara  last Sunday she told me she has to come to London on Friday (yesterday). I suggested that she sleeps over so that she can get to see a bit of London. BUt why should it be just us two? Why doesn’t Steph come as well? Sure! I have a quite teeny room…but who cares?

So yesterday after a day at uni I went to meet up with Lara (who had already made plans to meet up with another friend, Matthew [MGS]). Us three met at Warren Street Station and off we went to first find something to eat. The choice fell on pizza at a place called Icco (which MGS recommended as it is quite cheap ;)). Off we went, and after a lot of deliberation, the choice fell on us sharing a Hawaiin and other pizza between us. MMM…pizza! From there we then went off to McDonalds for some ice-cream/coffee/whatever. I am always quite scared of taking a McFlurry as I tend to end up with brain freeze, but they had this chocolate cornetto McFlurry which the others encouraged me to take…Sure I said. Luckily I was with Lara (a slow eater), so I took my time to eat my McFlurry VEEEEEERY slowly…and luckily no brain freeze set in…woohooo!

After our time with MGS we then went off to pick up Steph at Russell Square Station and on home, where (as a punishment for them staying at my place :P) we played Carcassone, before settling down to sleep (after a lot of giggling/talking/chatting/whatever).

A new day dawned…Saturday the 1st of August 🙂

What to do? Yesterday we planned that we do a day of shopping…what better way for 3 girls to spend a Saturday morning? 😉 (and YES I know…I’m not a typical girl, but every once in a while it doesn’t hurt). So off to Oxford Street we went where we roamed through the shops looking at what was on offer. I saw a skirt which I liked but didn’t get round to buying as have no appropriate shoes for wearing a skirt in winter (which this is :P). Steph bought a dress and Lara a pair of shoes…and I bought nothing…but who cares?

From there it was then on to the supermarket and on home to cook…to cook what? LASAGNA! The plan had originally been to cook pizza, but then decided to change the plan as cooking lasagna is easier than pizza and faster ;). I didn’t have grated cheese (unfortunately what I had left over from last time was mouldy when I opened it today so into the rubbish it went), and only 9 pieces of lasagna…but it turned out very well if I say so myself! Lara had purchased the desert for today…carrot cake…mmmm!

After eating however it was time for them to leave :(. Lara had t be home by tomorrow morning, and Steph’s sister might be going over tomorrow for lunch, so she said it is better to be home. So goodbye it was.

As I was saying goodbye however Irina (one of the research assistants at uni) phoned…she had arrived! I had collected a shelving unit from a freecycler but had never got round to putting it together. Now that I am moving I don’t want to carry it around with me (definitely not!) so I asked her and Linda if they want it, and Irina said yes…WOHOOOO. Today her husband was visiting with the car, so they came to pick it up. After the (semi-)clean for the girls and the taking away of the shelving unit, all of a sudden my room looks much cleaner and spacious. 🙂

Well…all in all? I’m a very happy (if quite exhausted) girl :).



  1. Poor Poor Steph and lara…stuck with Carcassonne…al;though I cannot see how that can be torture…I would enjoy myself hihi

  2. @ Cec: Thanks for the support

  3. had to go through the same treatment as well *sigh* 😛
    mwa xx

  4. @ Marilyn: pfff!

  5. u le it wasnt bad ta! but i was getting tipsy from the wine and sleepy from all the activity during the day 😀


  7. @ Cec: I will get round to it…sometime 😛

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