Posted by: annmucc | August 13, 2009

Off to Prague

Right now I feel exhausted…didn’t sleep well at all last night. Right now I am sitting at my computer at uni nodding off…but wait! I’ll be fine πŸ™‚ I’m off to Prague this afternoon! :D. This non-sleeping is a common thing with me before flights (no idea why). I went to bed late yesterday as couldn’t sleep, and this morning woke up early again…I then packed and off I went to uni.

I didn’t come because I have any big-headed plans to do much work (I finished what I was working on yesterday and sent it off to my supervisor…will tell you more about that if/when it works out :)), but more as I wanted to get some stuff to uni in my luggage, and also cos I know that if I stayed at home I would still not get anything done and get even more tight-strung than I already am. Oh well…same-same as every time I fly (don’t know why).

Will (try to O:)) let you know what I get up to there…and I apologise for abandoning you!



  1. Aw ann, just a short note – Enjoy Prague πŸ™‚ xxx

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