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Prague: In Sickness and in Health

Returned from Prague yesterday…the title is pretty appropriate for the trip…but let’s take it step by step!


I arrived in Prague Thursday afternoon. Michael was there to pick me up (yippeee!) so off we went. Travelling from the airport to his place means taking a bus then the metro and then a tram (before of course walking the last part). This means that the trip gets me back into the Prague transport system…unlike the London one I am pretty impressed with practically all aspects of the one in Prague – it is on time, regular, and not cramped most of the time! The metro stations are airy and best of all you don’t pay per use, but per time, so you can change between the transport systems as many times as you want – I like that! At his place we dropped off the luggage and made our way to get some food (I rarely ever eat much on the day of travel, so food is always welcome when I get to the destination :P).

Food meant going to what Michael and his flatmate call ‘the-hole-in-the-wall’ Czech place :). I don’t remember it’s name, but I am sure Michael will post it in the comment section later on (isn’t that so? :P). I really liked the place. The owner is this eccentric looking (but definitely not in a weird scary way) Czech guy. I also liked that the place was full of smaller rooms, so you can also get some privacy if you want…when we were shown to our table in an area of 4 tables there was only one other couple there and they were leaving just as we were arriving, so we got the place to ourselves. I got a potato pancake…the first time I had one I think, and though oily (what did I expect from fried food?) it was definitely delicious :). Service was at a decent rate and must say it was a pleasant evening.

U Dvou Hrabalu: Hole-in-the-Wall Restuarant

U Dvou Hrabalu: 'Hole-in-the-Wall' Restuarant

From there we then went for a walk to a nearby park – Parukarka park. The park was on a hill, and I was going to start to moan a bit about this steep hill Michael and I were climbing with no apparent point to the climb (there was nothing on top and we would have to go back down anyways), Michael turned around and when I did I SAW the point of the climb…WOW! A view over Prague as the sun was setting, with Prague castle in the middle and most of the rest at your feet. I am so glad I didn’t complain (I have a particular hatred of climbing hills though I enjoy walking on flattish ground) and didn’t turn round early…the view was magnificent 🙂 (Michael…can you find a picture of the view pwty pws?).

View of Prague from Parukarka Park at Night

View of Prague from Parukarka Park at Night


Friday…what did we do Friday? Well, Friday morning we woke up and set off on foot to the centre of Prague walking along the river. It was great to be back to the places and the memories. Prague to me is a happy cozy city (compared to London which to be is a busy [frenetic?] go-getter city) so it always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling being there :D. Walking along getting to Old Town Square, St. Wenceslas Square, my favourite market (no idea what it is cold) and all the tiny bits and pieces which make Prague in my mind…it was great! Following our walk around we then made our way to Hlavni Nadrazi close to where we were to meet Martina and this coffee place, Mama Coffee. Martina was one of the girls in the lab when I was on my internship in Prague. We had met again as her boyfriend of the time was working in Malta for a while and I had spent the day with them, and when I visited Prague in September we had met up as well. Now she is actually going to go to Malta on HER IAESTE internship…the more I see the more I realise how small the world really is! From there we then went home were we had time to relax a bit before going back out for dinner with some friend of Michael.

Throughout the past 2 years or so I have been constantly hearing about people who Michael meets and spends time with. However, as I haven’t been in Prague that often I haven’t met all that many of them! This dinner meant I got to meet a few more of them. It is good to finally meet the people I have been seeing in photos and hearing about…in some ways I felt like I already knew them, but really I didn’t except by proxy. Dinner was at Kolkovna-Celnice, a touristy-looking Czech place with surprisingly good food, decent prices, and quite big portions :). The conversation was good too, so who could complain? Back home Michael and I then started watching ‘Angels and Demons‘ before Michael was too tired (WHAT? I couldn’t believe it either 😛 normally it is me getting tired from watching a movie :P) and another day had ended.


The day started with us finishing watching Angels and Demons. I must say I liked the film :). I had read the book ages ago (hence I didn’t remember anything, of course, as is normal for me) and had liked it more than The Da Vinci Code, so I expected it to be a decent story, and I wasn’t too disappointed (thou it is a bit predictable…but hey! that’s Hollywood, so expecting anything else would be going a bit too far :P). After that we got into town where we met 2 other friends of Michael: Grace, who I have met and spoken about before, and another friend, at John and George (NOT John and Paul or whatever Michael!). The reason for meeting? Carcassone! And this time they actually enjoy playing, unlike my friends here and here!  I must say though that they are quite aggressive players, unlike me liking very peaceful harmonious games :)…Michael had warned me so all my fault :D.

From there we were then to meet Cristoph. Together we walked up (part of) Petrin Hill. On the way we came across a number of cherry and pear trees and tried to sample the fruits :)…not all were good (some were unripe) but did manage some decent specimens :D. Half-way up the hill we found the beer garden and stopped there for a good ol’ chat and a rest with the view of Prague underneath us.

On the way home we then stopped at the supermarket and off home we went…choice for dinner? Burritos and Pernik cake for dessert…mmmm! Good food and no complaints. After dinner we settled down to watch Kite-Runner. This time however it was my turn to cry foul half-way through the film…so off to bed we went.


Here is where the ‘in Sickness’ part starts! I woke up on Sunday with my head swimming…my body was aching…and my throat was swollen and hurt on swallowing…grrr! I am really sick and tired of getting sick and tired on weekends and holidays! For the day we had plans to meet another friend of Michael’s who he hadn’t met for quite a while and had been looking forward to, and for us to spend the evening at U Maleho Glena. Alas, I was no in way fit for that. We spent most of the day at home, where we finished watching Kite-Runner. We tried to venture out in the middle of the dya to find a pharmacy but it was closed, so we decided to go to a cafe to grab something to eat…not the best decision I must say :P. By this time I was getting quite queasy, so barely ate anything. Back home I just fell in bed!

When I woke up after this I was feeling half-way decent, so we decided to take it very slowly to a nearby park where we could just lay down, read and relax. It was really good fun and enjoyed the relaxing time out of the house. On the way home we bought stuff to make a leek and ham pie, and went home to make it. However, the night didn’t get much better. After a while my fever started rising again and my head started swimming. It was my last night in Prague but I could only see the bed.


Ohhh what a morning! Woke up shivering, hurting all over, head swimming, and a fever. NOT the best way to travel I must tell you! On the tram on the way to the airport I had to get off half-way through the trip to *ahem* avoid an accident happening on the tram. At Mustek where we had to change to the metro we found a pharmacy from where I could get some pain killers…the strongest you have I said! I practically slept (or at least closed my eyes) for all the metro trip and the bus trip to the airport. By this time I was starting to feel a bit more alive…the painkillers were working! I went to check in (no on-line check-in with Wizz-Air) and then waited around till it was time for me to be off. I must say I was surprisingly chirpy by this time…what was in those pills?

The flight passed without any problems for me (though a lady close by started hyper-ventilating after the plane had a serious bump)…I just spent most of it lying there with my eyes closed. Then it was on to the bus to London, and on to the bus to get home. By this time the effect of the painkillers was starting to wear off, so was quite happy that I was home to be able to take another one.

Again, as first time I felt decidedly chirpy after some time. This happened again at night. I decided to google the tablets (instructions were in Czech and Slovak I think…LOL!)…and yeps! The tablets had Caffeine…no wonder I was getting to feel chirpy and alert! So for my last dosage before I went to sleep I decided to take the painkillers I had at home which did not have the extra strength!


I know ‘today’ is not part of Prague, but it feels part of the whole experience to me 😉

Yesterday I had e-mailed my supervisor to tell him I wouldn’t be coming in. So this morning I could take it easy waking up…However…I wake up…and wow! No fever, no shivers, no spinning head…what happened? I swallow…ah yes…my throat still feels on fire every time I swallow :). So off I went to the doctor’s. There he said I had strep tonsillitis and gave me antibiotics (what is new there? I am sick and tired of this!). I tried to tell him this is a recurring thing, but he didn’t seem to believe me much, so said if it keeps on being recurring we can check it out then. Oh well!

Now I am on antibiotics. My throat still hurts, but oh well, at least I can function (as long as the function does not involve too much swallowing :P). I will see how I wake up tomorrow (seeing as it can surprise me :P). If I am feeling up to it I will make my way to uni and get back to the work I should be doing!



  1. So a couple of links to back up your story 🙂

    The hole in the wall restaurant with the “friendly and slightly way out manager” is called U Dvou Hrabalů. As many places in Prague there is a tiny entrance and it’s not until you step in and down that the place opens up. Here is a picture of the hole in the wall.

    The sunset from the Parukarka park is nice but at night you can really see the city light up beneath you.

    And the market in Old Town is called Havelska Market.

    Hope you get well soon and thanks for coming!

  2. Mikkina my sister…that’s so Micahel get to know the real you who whines :P:P

  3. @ MCA: Thanks 🙂

    @ Cec: 😛

  4. I am glad you enjoyed Petrin tower – one of my favorite places in Prague!

    PS: By the way, I also almost cried with the Kite runner. I read the book and that was even worse.

  5. […] for me…I don’t need too much to start feeling sleepy ). We also introduced Adrian to Carcassone…weeee! – and luckily he was OK with it unlike my friends, who consider a punishment for […]

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