Posted by: annmucc | August 21, 2009

Hospital Visit…UK Hospitals

When I went to the doctor last Tuesday I go some routine blood tests organised. Normally I do them in Malta, but since I am not there much I haven’t done them this year. My mum has been fretting about it every time I go home, so like this I thought I will get them over and done with here (not that she is happy…it seems there are some other tests which I will have to do in Malta…grrrr to a fretful mum!).

Well, yesterday I HAD to go out to buy stuff to eat, so I decided to go to the hospital to get some blood taken, then on to university to do some work there which I couldn’t finish at home, then on to the supermarket, before going home. So first off was the hospital. I must say I was highly impressed! I arrived at the hospital (I approached it from the wrong side so took me some time to find the entrance, but anyways), and off I went to try and find where I had to go. I was immediately pointed to the first floor (before I even opened my mouth…LOL!…it seems like this is a regular question :D). On the first floor the blood testing unit was immediately obvious, and they direct you (by big-lettered notices, so you have no problem realising what you have to do ;)) to take a number (from those cheese-counter style machines I call them). They were at around no. 31 and I was no.44. The service was quick and efficient. I am sure I was in and out within 30mins! There were 4 or 5 nurses sitting at a chair and patients move in and out as more numbers are called. Very efficient!

In Malta this blood testing thing takes a lot of hassle, stress and panic…too much for my liking! Have never been to Mater Dei though, the new hospital, so not sure what that is like. But I liked the service I got here 🙂



  1. i’ve deserted you for a while ann’s blog!!

    haha cheese counter tickets!!! i know them as the smart supermarket cheese counter style tickets 🙂 🙂

  2. @ Mina: bad Mina…Baad BAAAAAAAAAAAAD Mina :P.
    Well, I have neglected the blog as well for a while O:). Sorry guys! I guess I am no longer doing interesting stuff as I used to :-/
    And exactly dear Mina…it is THOSE kind of tickets which you get at hospital 😛

  3. now serving number thirty threee

  4. @ Marilyn: I was 44…so I think they are now beyond 31 😛 Kieku ghadni hemm 😛

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