Posted by: annmucc | August 28, 2009

Another Move…Another Place

Today is my last day in Langton Close, the UCL student residence I have been living in since I returned from Pisa. Tomorrow I move to a new place, and probably a new life, as I move to a different area of London, and Michael will be joining me in 2 weeks time (yippeee!…I just hope he will manage to survive it alive!)

Looking back on my time in this residence I have been happy here. I don’t know if it was the other residence, or if things changed when I returned from Pisa, but since then I have started to feel much calmer here, and as if I belong. One thing which also seemed to trigger this was when after the monitoring meeting my supervisors (both non-British) were discussing about how long it took them to start considering London to be home…and then it hit me…it is not just me! That made me feel better.

But what else did I like about this residence? I like the feeling of it I must admit. In my ‘flatlet’ we were 5 people…a Dane, a Malay, a Taiwanese, an American, and me. Being like a smaller community, it felt more like I belonged. Also, since the place wasn’t catered, it also meant that we often met in the kitchen etc. I liked it here :).

But how knows what the new place will bring? First of all it will be further from uni…I think it will take me around 1hr to get to uni and back (just a bit more than from my other residence in Kensington). This means that I cannot wake up at 8 and be at uni before 9 as I often do here. Also it wil be my first ‘place’ which is not a student residence…it feels all grown up right now ;). But I am sure the biggest change will be when Michael joins. He hasn’t seen the place yet…I hope he likes it and agrees with my choice (I am a bit apprehensive about tomorrow, as I do not exactly remember what our room looked like! I saw too many places I think and they are all merging into one!).

Luckily Lara is coming to help me with the move…woohooo…It is so much nicer to have help! She should also be staying for the rest of the weekend, which is cool as I get company.

Wish me luck for my move! Probably the next time you’ll here from me I will be in my new place…

Come and visit!


  1. Send photos of the new place and GOOD LUCK!!

  2. @ Cec: Will try to remember

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