Posted by: annmucc | August 30, 2009

Hello…From the New Place :)

At last…at the new place and have some time to update you loyal readers (is there anyone out there? :P).

Yesterday morning Lara arrived on the train from Kent where she lives at around 9:30, and we proceeded to pack the empty luggage she got with her, before starting on our way. However…before we were off, we had to make some decisions: do we try to take everything in one trip, or make more than one? We decided to try and take everything in one go (seeing as we are superhuman). And off we went! I think it was a crazy idea now in hindsight…but we made it! And we made it by bus in one trip! (Though the temptation to take a taxi was HUGE I must say).

So how much luggage did we have? Well…we had…my rucksack, my rucksack cover which I used as an extra luggage, my expanded hand-luggage (i.e. larger than a hand-luggage), Lara’s luggage (which she got empty from home for me to fill), two backpacks, two handbags, and two big plastic bags. How did we make it? NO idea…all I know is that we did entertain a couple of people on the bus when they saw us bringing all this off (we were first on the bus), and saw only two of us…but we made it all in one bus trip (costing £1 each :P…which we are slightly proud of….though my whole body aches now from the trip :)).

When we got at the new place, the landlords (with whom we will be living with for the first part, till they move out in January and a new couple hopefully rents their room) had had to leave as they had tickets for a football match (we should have arrived at 11:00am, but we got here at around 11:30am), so they left us the key. Luckily I found it exactly where they said it would be and we went in. By now we were EXHAUSTED…so just threw the things into the room and then RESTED!

After rest…off to the library and the supermarket. Registering wih a library is always highly important for me as I cannot live without books but cannot afford to buy my required quota of books, so in that way I manage to cover the requirements for free. After registering there (they have a loyalty card, which they stamp every time you go and after 6 times you can rent a DVD for free for a week ;)), we went off to the supermarket to start stocking up. There is a Sainsbury’s superstore close by, so at least the things should not be overly expensive. However, by now we were both very hungry…what to eat? We found a 7″ tomato and cheese pizza advertised, and went in for that…a deserved treat after the morning work.

Back home I started on the unpacking. I realise I have a lot of stuff, but found space for all (hope that Michael doesn’t have too much stuff :P…There is enough space to share, but I can easily take it over if he doesn’t :P). Then we just SAT! We sat in the lounge, and talked…no energy to do ANYTHING else :). It was nice however to catch up, especially in my exhausted state. Then in the evening the landlords returned and we talked a bit, after they showed me round the house and we settled everything (there was a For Sale sign outside between our place and the neighbours, which scared me a bit…but when I asked they said it is for the next door place…so hopefully all is well). By 10pm however we all went to bed…us exhausted from the travel, and them from the game and showing round a colleague of the husband.

Lara sitting in the couch :)

Lara sitting in the couch 🙂

This morning? After around 12hrs of sleep (YES…12hrs :P) Lara and I lazily made our way out of bed (after a lot of self-encouragement :P). We had some toast for breakfast and then decided to go and check out my new local park…Gladstone Park. I must agree that I really like it 🙂 IT is a big green quite landscaped place…gorgeous to have on your doorstep…cannot wait to spend more time there! Back home it was getting round to time for Lara to start thinking of making her way home. So she ‘packed’ her luggage (not much stuff to put in it :P) and we went off to find a bite to eat before sending her off. It was to the fish-and-chips place today (we thought we deserved another treat :)), where I had 1/2 chicken and chips (the daily offer :P), and Lara had fish cake and chips. We sat there for over an hour, as we talked, and chatted…I explained my work to her and…yippeeee!…she understood me and seemed very excited about it! I was so happy about that! Normally when I try to explain to people what I do they seem to just give up understanding just because it is a PhD…it is not THAT difficult to understand the concepts…I was so glad that someone made the effort to understand, and actually understood!

Now I am sitting in bed typing away to update you, having seen Lara off. It feels good to be in my new place…and cannot wait for it to become ‘our’ new place :)…2 weeks (and 2 days) for that to occur! And I hope Michael will like it too!



  1. we want photos!

  2. 😀 Be there soon!

  3. @ Cec: You have one 😛


  4. Thanks :D…

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