Posted by: annmucc | September 3, 2009

The New Place

I have now been in the new place close to a week. Different type of housing, different location, different issues. But what do I think of all this so far?

This is the first ‘apartment’ I have lived in which I am contributing to (house in Malta does not count, it being my mother’s ;)). It feels sort of grown up progressing from my parent’s home, to a catered accommodation, on to a self-catered residence, and now in an apartment…WOW! I have lived in an apartment before when I was on an internship in Germany, but it was always in student housing blocks. Now however I am living with working people…ain’t I becoming the adult? LOL! (Hope that some ‘maturity’ rubs off on me…issa naraw!).

Another issue is location. I have always lived north of the river and to the West, and this has been no different. However, I have never lived THIS far north or this far west. It is a totally new area. So ar I have lived in three different areas…from the very posh Kensington, to the central busy Gray’s Inn Road area, and now in calmer, leafier and slightly ethnic Willesden Green. Moving to a new place means that you need to figure out the area again…something which I am quite hopeless at (though Michael seems to enjoy it, so I’m looking forward to doing that with him :P).

So far what has really caught my eye in the area is the park. It is around 5 minutes away from our place, and is gorgeous if I say so myself! Quite big, well landscaped, and well-kept, with loads of things to do in the place…from tennis courts, to football and rugby fields, to a small pond, a rose garden, children’s playgrounds and a cafe :). What more could we want? (hmm…maybe good weather so we can enjoy it? ;)). A downside to the area is maybe the daily commute…it takes me around 1hr10mins every day to get in, which is not to bad (considering that I just get one bus with a 10min walk at either end…probably could be faster, but would mean using the horrible tube system, changing loads of time rather than using one bus, and being more expensive ;)). Oh well…It’s not the worse 🙂

So what now? Now I need to prepare the place for when Michael gets here in a week and a half! WOW! Time passed by soooo fast. I cannot believe it has arrived. Now I wait to see Michael’s verdict…hope he’s not too disappointed by my choice, considering this was my first time choosing somewhere!



  1. No need to worry about growing up too quick 😛 I’m sure your living quarters are not the defining element of how old you feel.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new place and I’m sure you’ve made a good pick 🙂

  2. @ Michael: 😀

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