Posted by: annmucc | September 4, 2009

A Day at Home

Lately the office is being quite busy. A number of people there are tutoring Master students in their dissertation, and dissertation submission time is September. This means that a number of people who are normally not regulars are now in the office most days. Add to this the students coming in and out, one of the students who is mainly in Germany returning and all the normal noise, and this gives a quite noisy office.

A Busy Office

A Busy Office

Yesterday at uni I didn’t get round to doing much work, due to all these distractions – I am not very good at concentrating when there is ANYTHING going on around me ;). Today, however, knowing that my supervisor was working from home, one of the girls from my department being back home, and the other one not sure if she was coming in, I decided to stay at home and work from here. Since the equipment I am waiting for hasn’t arrived, the work I am doing was computer work so I could just as easily do it from here.

So glad I stayed home! I got in quite a good chunk of work, and also got a siesta in 😉 (This was before Michael phoned to say he is off…he is off for a weekend in the mountains with some friends…but next weekend I’ll be in Prague and from the one after he’ll be in London! **GRIN**). So all in all a good day 🙂


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