Posted by: annmucc | September 5, 2009

And the House is Mine!

Up to today a friend of the other couple in the flat was staying over (though they are away on holiday, she needed a place to stay so she’s been here since Tuesday). However, she has just left…so I now have the place to myself…YIPPPEE!

It means I can now put my feet up and relax ;). Not really! I need to get the place looking OK for Michael ;). But today has been a bit more of a relaxing day.

I started out helping a friend of mine with job applications…AAAAAAA…I wanted to scream! He didn’t even know what a COVER LETTER is! AAAAA…I was on the verge of tearing my hair out! After a bit (to put it nicely ;)) of advice and cajoling, he got a decent cover letter. He then sent me his CV after sending his application…not too bad…but it can be improved (as can mine ;)). Well…he’s on his way I hope ;).

After settling THAT issue I then needed to get some breakfast…But only had one slice of bread…so I made that and went off to the supermarket to get a loaf (incidentally I found that the small Sainsbury’s next to us sells bread cheaper than the larger one down the road…good to know ;). Loaf of bread bought…I dropped it off at home and off to the park I went!

I really love the park here! Gorgeous! I never had a concept of a park! I remember one of the first times out with Michael (there was another friend) we had gone to Theresienstadt…not a nice place to visit, but in the middle of the visit the guys (Michael and Dennis…remember him?) wanted to rest in a small garden outside the concentration camp. However…at that time I couldn’t even grasp the idea of resting in a park! Slowly but surely however, this idea is slowly seeping in…and today I actually went to the park on my own with no purpose but to sit down and read…it was great! Looking around me and only seeing green trees and blue skies with white fluffy clouds is soothing on the eyes ;). Great! After a while however it started getting cold, so off back home I went.

Relaxing in a Park :)

Relaxing in a Park 🙂

Back home I started working on some corrections my supervisor sent me last night…I had given him the manuscript before I had gone to Prague last time, but he only came back to me yesterday with his comments (with a big apology…he’s a nice guy :)). So I settled down to tackle them. I know it is the weekend, but i wanted to see what he had said! Luckily he seems very happy with the work :D. So happy about that! He doesn’t have the best opinion of my presentation skills, so it feels good that at least he rates my writing a bit better ;).

Now I am just sitting here relaxing 🙂

Ahh! And how could I forget! Michael is away on a weekend trip (his last in Prague for a while :-)). but today is our 2 year anniversary ;). So I got a call! Happy Anniversary Michael…two years! WOW 😀



  1. Poor Poor Michael…2 years hihi

  2. I’m glad you are warming to the idea of chilling in a park (or any patch of grass :))

    And happy anniversary to you too :*

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