Posted by: annmucc | September 7, 2009

Ekatharina…and IAESTE Konstanz Memories

A few days ago I saw on Facebook that Ekatharina was going to be in London…I sent off a message if she wanted to meet…got a reply…woohoo…yesterday afternoon saw me making my way to Picadilly Circus to meet up with her. But who is Ekatharina, and how do I know her?

You probably already know about my second IAESTE internship in Prague, where I was working on wood conservation science (and met Michael ;)). However, the year before was another memorable IAESTE experience…my first internship with IAESTE working at the University of Konstanz (Germany) in the department of Microbial Ecology (I studied Chemistry and Biology for my undergrad degree, though I am now very much leaning towards chemistry more than biology). It was a great experience! The people in the lab were wonderful (I got to go to the wedding of one of my supervisors on my last day in Konstanz!!!), the other interns were great, and the area is GORGEOUS! It was a time of enjoying work and enjoying the evenings even more so, being busy with keeping up with stuff with other interns, people in the lab, and people in my flat…hectic but I had really enjoyed it.

And Ekatharina? She was my IAESTE contact in Konstanz, and the girl we all turned to when we needed anything :). She had joined us on the trip to Zurich, planned the trip to Meersburg, and was also there to take me to the finance department to collect my pay ;).  But topmost in my head when I think of her I remember the trip to the Alps! It was the first time I saw any form of snow! I had been whining about never having seen snow since I arrived in Germany I think, and then one of the guys (Zdenek from Prague, who had a car) got fed up of hearing me whine (;)…it worked!) so he told me that the next weekend we would be going to the Swiss Alps…me, him and Ekatharina joined. It was great…crazy (I just had sneakers! and was totally unequipped for it!) But most exciting of all (to me at least ;)) was that in the middle of the trip the weather started turning for the worse, so we had to sleep on the mountain in a hut…in the ATTIC (yes I know…I’m excited by the little things in life ;)). It wasn’t the only memorable thing of the stay, but it was definitely one of them!

Well, so yesterday saw Ekatahrina and I meet up at Picadilly Circus and walk to Covent Garden where we had a coffee (or hot chocolate in my case ;)). We remembered the great times we had, and updated each other o our lives and of the other people who were there with us. So glad I kicked myself out of the house to meet her ;).

One thing I wasn’t impressed with? The public transport! AAAAA…it was a shambles…but then what’s new in London?


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