Posted by: annmucc | September 8, 2009

Heard on the Bus

Yesterday, on the bus home I heard this posh-looking/sounding mother(?…maybe it was the nanny? but she looked a bit old to be a nanny) tell her kid coming home from his first day at work (in a very sugary-sweet voice):

First: Your teacher is new at the school yes? She will have to learn a lot then.

Then: Which Jake are you talking about? Is it glasses-Jake or no-glasses-Jake?

Hmm…I was wondering…If the mother is undermining the knowledge of the teacher on the kid’s first day at school, how does she expect her kid to respect his teacher? I wonder! If my mother made me feel like I know more than my teacher on my first day at school and told me that I need to teach my teacher how things are done in the school, I am sure I would be very doubtful about his/her skills to teach me anything…s/he knows less than me on the first day at school!

And hmmm…if the mother is categorising her kid’s friends as ‘glasses’ and ‘no-glasses’, doesn’t she think that she is making a big deal of glasses, possibly leading to bullying? Couldn’t she have found a better way of distinguishing between the ‘Jake’s’? Wouldn’t using their surnames or where they know them e.g. school and neighbour be enough?

Oh well…and then we ask why teachers have lost the respect of kids and bullying occurs! I wonder!


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