Posted by: annmucc | September 8, 2009

Q: Why Don’t the English Eat much Fruit and Veg?

Pick me…Me…pick me Pick Me PICK ME!

Of course they don’t! How should they? If most of the fruit and veg I have seen here so far leaves much to be desired. Before I moved to London (and in the time I had in Pisa) fruit and veg were a main part of my life. When I was young I have good memories of going to help in the picking up of peas and beans (amongst others) from my grandparent’s fields (or make that more eating than picking ;)). Fresh fruit and veg grown locally was always around me…from our garden or the fields and gardens of family, yo my uncle’s greengrocer shop. Never realised how much I took that for granted.

Now? What I mainly have access to here is unripe fruit and veg rarely grown in season or where it should…green bananas, tasteless tomatoes, bruised and battered courgettes are all part of the daily routine. Back home we never added salt or much herbs and spices…flavour came from the food and herbs and spices were only added to give a special something extra…here you need to add them just to get some decent flavour! And worse? I am used to going to the garden to get some parsley, basil or whatever. However here you mostly have access to the dried stuff (or very wilted fresh ones) :-/. Oh well…another moan about food. But give me a break…had a stressful day today!


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