Posted by: annmucc | September 14, 2009

Birthdays, Moving, and Free Hugs

Thursday saw me off to Prague for another weekend there. The reason? My birthday was on Saturday (this was the third birthday I’ve spent in Prague! and the 4th in a row away from Malta…maybe I should do something with sis next year? ;)). and I also wanted to help Michael out with his move to London (he’s coming tomorrow…YIPPEEE!). This was also my replacement for a trip I should have made in May to Prague and which got overtaken by my stay in Pisa (luckily WizzAir had to make a schedule change to my May flight so gave me the option to change the dates of the flight at no extra cost, so didn’t lose any money ;)).

Thursday night saw me making my way to Michael’s place from the airport. Knowing that he had loads of stuff to do, and also some people should have gone to his place to buy the furniture etc he has been selling, I told him I would make my way home alone. Quite pleased that i got to do the trip alone…this allowed me to get a bit of feeling for ‘my Prague’ from my internship days. It was good to just look out of the window and enjoy. Arriving at Michael’s place we then made our way to their local Pakistani place for dinner…onion bhaji and vegetable samosas as starters, and chicken korma and some lamb and spinach thing for our main course, together with pilau rice and naan bread. The starters were at the high end of my spice-threshold, but the mains were delicious. Liked the place and the food ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday was a day dedicated to Michael :). His farewell party was set for today…starting out at a beer garden (which turned into a bar, the Andalusian Dog, as the weather forecast wasn’t too hopeful) and ending at Cross Club. However, Michael wanted to cook polsehorn (sausage-like things) for all…so the morning saw us preparing and cooking over 60 polsehorn…it was like a polsehorn factory! We also started a bit on the packing before making our way over.

It was great to see his friends…I had already met some of them (so I wasn’t totally out of it), but there were quite a number who I had never met (though I have heard about practically all!). However, even those I had never met, I immediately felt comfortable with (mainly cos they all knew who I am so it wasn’t awkward). I also got to go to CrossClub again…a crazy/fantastic place…haven’t been to a club in ages, so was good to get to one ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday then was my birthday XD. Michael had bought pancake stuff the day before. I hadn’t been too convinced that he would wake up to make me pancakes in bed as last year, after the night out the day before ;). Happily he did! Woohoo…and mmmm! After that we went in to the centre to look at a number of places I have fond memories of…mainly small markets I have fallen in love with. Michael allowed me my pleasure in these things…woohoo…without complaining :D. In the evening it was then off to a restaurant…La Casa Argentina :). It was the place Michael had taken me on my first birthday with him 2 years ago (which was also our second date according to me/the first according to him :P). It was nice of him to take me back there :). After dinner we made our way to the town centre, where we came across the Prague Marathon. As always in these kinds of things, it is always an exciting environment, so we spent some time there before making our way to Cafe-Cafe for desserts. Not sure where, but somewhere things went wrong…as all the food made a lovely reappearance later on at night…luckily once all the food made a reappearance all was fine and I could go to sleep merrily.

Sunday was again a day supposedly dedicated to Michael, with packing and organising pick-ups. However, in the morning Michael saw a Facebook event on a friend’s Facebook profile: Free Hugs in Old Town Square. I had been mentioning I want to participate in one of these for ages…so Michael put it by me…Of course I said! What better way to spend my last day in Prague than in a Free Hugs campaign in the middle of Prague under gorgeous surroundings? It was a great time, and so glad we made it there (even though Michael never got round to going round giving hugs :-/). After that we went ot the municipal Hall for a drink as Michael has been wanting to go there for a while, before making our way home.

The plan was to go to the ‘hole-in-the-wall‘ Czech place close to Michael’s place. Unfortunately it was closed :(. So we made our way to the Mexican place close by. Not all that disappointed (even though I would have loved Czech food for my last night)…the food was great and the service was decent…enough appearance by the waitress/waiter but not intrusive.

This morning was then time for me to make my way back to London. I was a bit stressed about the trip, seeing as I had 2 handluggages not one (and both of them definitely over weight, and each one alone taking the total allowance in space supposedly allowed I am sure). Luckily they didn’t stop me! Also, I was a bit sceptical as in my hand luggage I had a laptop, and Xbox, a projector, and a whole bunch of plugs, chargers, and other electronics…I was sure they would stop me as a bomb-maker! Luckily they didn’t, and the trip went by uneventfully, besides an irritating guy 2 rows behind me who was slightly drunk I am sure, and the fact that when we landed we had to wait for a while in the place as there was a fire in the Terminal so the place was evacuated and we weren’t allowed off.

Now I am back home…need to get the place in a bit more order for tomorrow! Will get my ass into gear for that hopefully :0



  1. Next year we go on a trip together mela ux…or else you come here or I come there

  2. @ Cec: hehe…issa naraw ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Thanks for coming and helping out! It meant a lot to me to have you there to help out ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. @ Michael: ๐Ÿ˜›

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