Posted by: annmucc | September 21, 2009

WOMAD…at the Tower of London

WOMAD, or World of Music, Arts and Dance, concert at the Tower of London Festival was the third and final concert Michael and I attended last weekend. I booked the tickets after we already had a quite packed weekend, but I was sure Michael would enjoy some kind of detour from the classical music of the previous two days.

This concert was in a different style to the previous two. First of all it was a longer affair, starting at around 4:30 and ending at around 10pm. It was also much more relaxed…unlike for the Classical Extravaganza concert, seating was removed from the flat part of the venue and covered with sheeting, producing a picnic-like relaxed area. People were also encouraged to take along a picnic…and so we did! Michael prepared burgers for us to take with us from some minced beef we had a home, while we also took along humus, water biscuits, biscuits (which we didn’t end up eating), wine (VERY vile…but Michael liked it so drank it ;)) and hot chocolate in the thermos flask Michael’s parents gave me for Christmas.

So there we were…sitting, eating and being entertained :). The music was good (though it seems like Michael and I didn’t always appreciate the same acts to the same extent) and the atmosphere was good :). The line-up was:

4.45-5.15pm: Siyaya (Zimbabwe)
5.45-6.15pm: Abdullah Chhadeh & Syriana (Syria)
6.45-7.15pm: Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara (UK/Gambia)
7.45-8.30pm Tony Allen (Nigeria)
9.00-10.15pm The Bays/Heritage (UK)

Michael had already heard Tony Allen playing in Prague so he wanted to hear again. However, we left before the last act…we were getting tired and we needed to get home (not an easy task ;)…especially since we came across youths celebrating the end of Ramadan, which ended up with our bus taking ages to get through). Reading up about the last act now however I am slightly disappointed we didn’t stay for them O:)…I think I would have enjoyed them! But oh well…will have to hear them out another time 😛


  1. No fair…you seem to be having too much fun without me 😦 I wanna be there!

  2. @ Cec: awww mikkina! Ejja hux 😛

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