Posted by: annmucc | September 23, 2009

Food Issues

Yes…this blog is back to food…I am sure to Mina’s joy 😛

So what are the issues? I think the main ones  are when and how much we eat!

I arrive home completely famished, and am used to eating a pretty decent-sized meal when I get home. Considering that before I get home at around 6pm I would have only had very little to eat…yesterday was a typical day, where I had breakfast in the morning consisting of some oats (we bought a packet which includes portion-sized packs…so you can imagine the portion size!) with some walnuts and raisins, and then two pieces of toast with cheese as lunch at uni.

I would say I deserve a good meal no? Well…Michael keeps on looking at me incredulously when yesterday e.g. after a bowl of tomato soup I said I would like a piece of bread, or today when I said that I think we should take half a pizza each (as opposed to the quarter Michael suggested…btw…we did the pizzas on baking paper on the grill grid thing, so were not very small, though then the dough was spread quite thin).

I don’t think that is too much! Do you?



  1. MIkkina pooor Ann hihi

  2. food glorious food…
    we are Mediterranean after all….
    and no half a pizza is a real bit

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