Posted by: annmucc | September 26, 2009

Local Hero @ The Scoop

On Thursday as I was busy working at St. Paul’s Cathedral (more about that later), I got a call from Michael: Do you want to go tonight to watch  Local Hero at The Scoop? Sure I said! We arranged to meet at the pub we went with the couchsurfers last weekend, and night plans were set!

So why this film at that location? The film was part of the Free Film Festival at this outdoor amphitheatre. We had added a number of films to our calendar of possible things to do, but hadn’t seen any yet. So as the day was gorgeous, Michael decided to check with me if I was up for going out. So that was why the choice fell on that film (free) and that location (hehe…wherever the people plan the free events we have to go :P). However, I wasn’t disappointed with the location. Situated on the Southbank between Tower Bridge and London Bridge (much closer to Tower Bridge than anything), it is gorgeous to see the sunset over the river, and then see Tower Bridge lit behind you during the night as a background to the theatre…WOW!

The amphitheatre and the background

The amphitheatre and the background

And what about the film? Well, the film has got quite a number of good reviews, with statements such as it started a new genre of films with a lot of imitation films. However I must say I wasn’t particularly impressed O:). I think the movie was decent, but I wasn’t overwhelmed with it. I didn’t get the point of the story…there was a story going on, but there was not significant point to it. Maybe I missed it? Probably! Who knows?



  1. […] Wednesday Michael and I went to watch The Hurt Locker at The Scoop (where we saw the Local Hero last year). Reading last year’s post it seems like I wasn’t impressed with the film. Not much […]

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