Posted by: annmucc | September 27, 2009

Gorgeous Weekend

So glad we got the most gorgeous weather ever this weekend! I have been going on about how the weather in London is not as bad as they say. However, the day Michael got here there was as much rain in one day as normally in a month or so! This meant he wasn’t too impressed ;). However this weekend certainly made up for it! Besides a grey morning yesterday, by the time we arrived for the walk, the sun was shining and the weather was perfect for walking. Today was another gorgeous day. We took advantage of that by going to laze at the local park…great weekend 😀



  1. I agree – it was really glorious last weekend.

  2. @ Emm: I hope we have more of them! Though not holding my breath for that.

  3. Well now, I have an overseas visitor this week too and I can just imagine the weather will be shocking for him.

  4. Michael’s parents are visiting from tomorrow…so I hope we get some good weather!

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