Posted by: annmucc | October 3, 2009

The Week and the Weekend

Knock knock…anyone there? I’m ba-ack!

I apologise for the delay. After a good period of regular posts I have barely done anything this past week. I have been busy, with university, another round of monitoring at St Paul’s and other stuff. Also, this weekend Michael’s parents are visiting. That means a weekend of sightseeing and hosting…so won’t be online much.

They arrived on Thursday and after the monitoring sessions I went to where they were having lunch before making our way home.

Friday we went to a pub for dinner after university and then went to watch Jersey Boys.

Today we went to Portobello Market and then to the Science Museum. We should cook at home tonight.

How is the experience? I am finding it a bit overwhelming. Having Michael’s parents here make me realise even more the cultural differences there are. I realise that the way we treat our parents is quite different between the two of us. I think I have a more direct approach with my mother, while he is more of a peacemaker kind of person who goes all out to make them happy. To me, probably as I only left home one year ago, that is quite far out in left or right field…I don’t exactly understand it. It is not only in this thing, but in numerous other subtle things that are said and done…I realise that things that to me are impolite to them are quite OK, and probably vice-versa. Sometimes this causes a bit of stress I am sure.

I know this blog is called rantings from afar…but I don’t want to rant today :). So I will stop here 🙂

Love you all 😉



  1. Was the Jersey Boys any good?

  2. @ Emm: I went there with very low hopes (not particularly interested in 60s music)…but I was very much impressed! I liked the theatre more than I did when I watched Chicago, and I liked the atmosphere in the theatre much more! And I actually knew a couple of songs ;). This being only my second musical in London and cannot really compare, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

  3. Well maybe I’ll give it a try – I adore 60’s music.

  4. @ Emm: Then you definitely should!

  5. […] I moved to the new place we have been getting around 1 visitor a month: Michael’s parents and John in October, my my mum and sister in November, Jan and Kirsti in December, and so far this […]

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