Posted by: annmucc | October 4, 2009

Last day of the In-Laws in London

Today was the last day of Michael’s parents in London…they leave tomorrow early morning. Luckily today was a quite relaxed day, meaning that all the stress and irritability which had been growing up to yesterday disappeared in the easyness of the day and I must say I quite enjoyed it. I think having spoken with Michael yesterday we also realised what sets the other off a bit more which definitely helped.

In the morning we made our way to Little Venice. From there (after having a coffee on the way…yes…when you’re with Michael’s family it is regular coffee stops! Luckily I can get a hot chocolate) we got a waterbus passing through lovely canals through sites such as Regent Park, and London Zoo.

We got off at Camden Lock. I haven’t been to Camden market so far, so this was the perfect opportunity for that, getting off right in the middle of it. So far I hadn’t been too excited about going, hence the result that I haven’t been…but I must say I have been mistaken! Getting of in the middle of it we first grabbed something to eat…Michael and his family grabbed curry and spring rolls, while I grabbed a chicken fajita. The food I found was not the cheapest, but it was decent enough. After eating we took the opportunity to walk around. I liked what I saw and really want to go back. Michael and I got round to buying a journal book which we plan to use as a scrap-book. We had already bought a scrap book for this purpose from Ryman’s…but that was such a plain one…the one we got today is so much nicer (and even cheaper 😉 though smaller).

From there we made our way home, where Michael and I slept a bit. However it seems like his parents didn’t…so we got a knock on the door as we were waking up asking if we were going to get up at any time :P. Making our way out of bed we then ordered some pizzas for take-away and Michael and I went to collect them from just down the road. After dinner Michael wanted ice-cream so his dad and I went off to buy ice-cream as we left Michael and his mum at home catching up.

After dinner it was time for the wardrobe rearrangement. So far as it was not the best use of space for us, the wardrobe was divided into two, with a rail and a shelf in each half. However, Michael and I were both too short to reach the top rail easily, and the way it was set-up meant that clothes such as dresses and coats dragged on the shelf, meaning we couldn’t use it properly. So Michael and I decided to remove one of the rails and add 2 extra shelves which we went to buy last week (Yipppeeee…Ikea :-/). Michael and his dad got on to setting it up while I washed plates. Wippeeee…Now we have a decently arranged wardrobe with space to store stuff and not much wasted space. All we need now is some storage boxes to be able to store things easily on the top shelf. Then just a lamp and we will be all set up ;).



  1. Yeah…you enjoyed yourself…if Camden market is so nice…we have to go there in November

  2. @ Cec: Hopefully we will!

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