Posted by: annmucc | October 10, 2009

Clouds, Wind and Shadows

After the success of the Handel Remixed concert, Michael and I decided (on my hints ;)) to book tickets for other shows at the Barbican. This time round we looked at all available on the Freeb scheme and booked for three more concerts. The last two you will hear about as they come around, but the first one was yesterday. This was the show that I showed the more interest in of the two. Was I right?

The show was Wind Shadow by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. This group is the first contemporary dance group in a Chinese speaking community. Contemporary dance? Do I know anything about it? Hmmm…not really, besides the little I have learnt watching So you think you can dance? :P. So definitely not enough.

What did we see? We saw a lot of slow movements, with people dressed all in black moving like shadows of people who had their faces uncovered. The people were mainly all dressed in black, though they did come out at times with big white flags (others had big black flags)…and at one point some of the dancers came out with 4 big white flags stuck into something like a back pack…and these people were wearing white! Hehe…so I guessed there was black and white…good and evil?

Then towards the end most of the dancers came out waving the big white flags. and as they waved these flags other dancers projected on the flags and background screens explosions…then we heard explosions! (Was that to wake us all up from our sleep?…so that there was no embarrassment at the end of people asleep ;)). The explosions kept on coming…with some intervals between each one (just enough time to lull you back into sleep in the meantime? :P). Then it ended after a ring of laser appeared and then sort of swallowed? everything up. The end!

Well…as you definitely got by now, I am not sure I got much of what was going on. It was too slow for my taste I am sure, and combining that with my lack of understanding of most dance, not sure contemporary dance was the one to go for as my first dance show! Well…you can probably read a MUCH better review to mine here. I am not sure I can be very enlightening about this show :-/. You can also get an idea of the show here.



  1. Yeah a bit of an experience but not one we have to repeat 🙂 It was still good with a night out tho

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