Posted by: annmucc | October 16, 2009

Goooo Kamp!

Last Sunday there was a Denmark-Sweden game as part of the World Cup qualifiers. Michael had seen somewhere that they were showing it at the Danish Church in London for free. Off we go? Sure! Off we go, arriving at the place after walking through Regent’s Park…I haven’t been there much but I like it :).

We arrive and we go to buy our dinner…a delicious Danish hot dog (with remoulade and fried onions…to the Danes’ disgust…mmmm! But that was how Michael convinced me even more to go there :)). After managing to get one (there was a queue) we moved inside to watch the game…Hmm…it had Danish commentators…grrrr…I didn’t count on that! But oh well. It was hilarious to see the Danes all ooh and ahh and grrr at the same time like a collective sound track :). And after a lot of disappointment…the Danes scored…*covers ears*. I found it all hilarious :)…though Michael certainly didn’t…I never saw him so into a game and didn’t think he would be…I saw a new side to him ;). Overall a successful night with Denmark winning and going through to the World Cup (unfortunately, though Denmark are top of that group, Malta, in the same group, is last :-/).



  1. OHHHHHHH Poor poor Ann…at least they won 😀

  2. @ Cec: Hehe yeah…was not looking forward to a grumpy Michael 😛

  3. Good thing we didn’t go to the Denmark Hungary game 😉

  4. @ Michael: They lost?? BUUUH! We should have gone to that as well 😛

  5. What nationality is Michael?

  6. @ Emm: hehe Danish of course 🙂 Hence his happiness at Denmark entering the World Cup 🙂

  7. Aah, sorry Ann… I have a touch of flu and I am so slow today. I actually clicked on through to his blog and saw so! Michael – your photos of the show are also awesome!

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