Posted by: annmucc | October 16, 2009

Tina Dico and Thomas Dybdahl at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Valentine’s Day: Michael gives me tickets for Tina Dico

September: I go pick up the tickets (yes I got those duties ;))

Yesterday?: The show! WOOHOOO!

We met up after uni at Shepherd’s Bush a bit early to go have dinner together before the show (Wetherspoons seems often to end up being the choice, mainly as we know something of what we will get and the prices are decent…but if anyone has any other ideas let me know ;)). After resting a bit there we made our way over the the venue.

We enter…our seats were to the side in the 4th row…we look around us…WOW! The venue, O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, is gorgeous! I never thought I’d go to a pop concert in such a venue…I always thought it would be very impersonal un-atmospheric venues, and I wasn’t expecting anything different. I was very much pleasantly surprised!

O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire

The support act then came up…Thomas Dybdahl, a Norwegian singer. After learning that he would be the support act, Michael made sure I was exposed a bit to his music, so i knew a bit what to expect. I liked what I heard :). I was a bit surprised that him and his drummer where on stage with beers in their hands and drinking in the middle of their act (I guess I have been more to classical concerts than this kind of thing, so hence the surprise probably…Michael didn’t seem in any way put out). But oh well…it was good, and we were warmed up :).

Thomas Dybdahl

Thomas Dybdahl

Then came Tina Dico…the act we were all there for mainly! First off…the Danes in the audience sang her Happy Birthday in Danish…apparently it was her birthday the day before. Happy Birthday Tina :D. Then she started! She said that she had always wanted to play at this venue and was treating this concert as a sort of farewell to London (she had been leaving here for the last 8 years or so). So she had decided to try and treat the concert chronologically, starting with songs from her  first album and moving on to her most recent work…and that’s what she did!

I thought that I had heard most if not all of her songs. However, surprisingly, I found that i had never heard her first album! For some reason it never made the cross-over from Michael to me. Oh well…I still enjoyed them. However, when it came to the later albums, with songs I already knew…boy oh boy wasn’t it better :). Now I could appreciate the music much better than before, having heard it and knowing how it flowed (yes…maybe I am a bit of a control freak and enjoying knowing what’s going on :P). With her Tina Dico had two others…a guitarist/percussionist/pianist and a pianist/trombonist/guitarist (Helge)…both of which helped out with singing, particularly Helge.

So what did I like most of the concert? I must say I particularly liked the first song where the Helge played the trombone…cannot remember now which one it was, but I particularly liked the melodies going on there. In this song the trombone took on the bass line of the melody, and I so loved that! I prefer having a ‘continuous’ instrument like a trombone (or cello or double bass :P) playing the bass rather than a strummed instrument such as a bass guitar…to me it gives the music a better coherence (not sure if that is the word…but it gives the music a good flow). Also, having often been entrusted with the job of playing the bass part on my cello in an ensemble, in a way I could conenct and appreciate the sound as I can quite easily tune in to it.

Tina Dico and her band

Tina Dico and her band

Well…it was a great concert with a good man and an excellent Valentine’s Day present…thanks Michael 😀

PS…I would like to thank Michael for all the pics I ‘borrow’ from him ;). You can always find more pics on his flickr page.


  1. Borrow…or STEAL!!!

  2. @ Cec: borrow 😛
    because he knows about it 😛 and Allows me O:)

  3. Bass is not usually strummed btw, in jazz (double bass) and rock (electric) its plucked with fingers. much nicer than strumming =) (tho maybe u think its the same cos its not bowed?)
    I know cos my bro has a forgotten double bass in his room i want to learn – and i dont see how it can be forgotten given that its huge and ill prob need a step stool to play lol

    Enjoy the next free show u go to 😉

  4. @ Ruth: hehe…yes…that was the distinction I was trying to make…plucked vs bowed O:) i.e. not the orchestral string instruments but a bass guitar

  5. Wow. Your photos are great! I can never take such good photos in the dark!

  6. @ Emm: Hmmm…Though I may have been the one that took some of the photos, it was up to Michael to put the settings right O:)…So he should take the credit ;). See the rest of his photos on the flickr page I linked to!

  7. Tehy are really good! I will post photos of the Pixies show one of these days. I have not yet uploaded them to my PC but I hope some of them came out!

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