Posted by: annmucc | October 24, 2009

John in London

Last weekend I had a visitor! I know…it’s been a week now, but I have been so busy this past week…what with things to do, and all the other stuff, that I have barely had time to get down to writing a blog post.

So on to the visitor:

Last Friday (actually Saturday morning, at 2am!) saw me waiting at Marble Arch…for the bus from Luton airport…to deliver John to London…woohooo! He had been saying he wants to come for a while, and finally he made it! He was staying the first night over at our place (really my place, cos Michael was away for the weekend), hence the meeting at such an unsocial hour…but I don’t mind :)…before I could drive he had driven me home loads of times, so I could be up late for once to see him home!

Saturday morning was my Styles in Paintings course, so John joined me on a visit to the National Gallery. Every day there are guided tours which coincided with the times of my course, so John went off for that. (He seemed to really like tour, so today I sent Michael off for one as I was in my second lecture in the Styles in Paintings course…hope to have the notes for that up sometime soon).

From the National Gallery we went back home as John needed to pick up his stuff, where we cooked some tortellini with white sauce (which ended as a tortellini soup, but delicious anyways, and I learnt how to make white sauce, which I tried out on Michael on Tuesday ;)) before running off to Westminster.

We had planned to meet Audrey, another Maltese girl at Westminster at 5pm for a walk on the Southbank. 45mins late we arrived O:). By now it was getting dark, but we still made our way off on the walk. We ended up walking to the Tower of London and back! It was good to meet up with other Maltese people here and talk, particularly as although Audrey has only been here a month, she already agrees with me about lots of stuff which is different here!

The first night was the only night I hosted John, but Monday we met up again…to go see Les Miserables! John’s cousin (see his blog here) is in the show, so we got great seats for a great show…WOW! I was impressed! From the mechanics of the revolving stage, to the sound, the set, the singing and the classic songs! WOW! Yes…I really liked it :). And I was so glad Michael decided to come with us to be able to see it himself as well.

All in all a great time with John here. Now I’ll see him when I’m back in Malta, and then who knows when? He’s going off to Kenya for a year!



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