Posted by: annmucc | October 24, 2009

Trams and Chords: Kingsway

It hasn’t been just me looking for free things to do in London which we would enjoy…Michael has been busy at it as well. And one of the events he came across was in the Kingsway Tramway Subway. This subway is rarely open to the public, but for a number of weeks this year it has been housing an art installation called Chord by Conrad Shawcross.

We met up at the entrance to the subway, meeting up with a guy in a highlighter jacket. We waited for the set time, at which time the gates to the subway opened and we started making our way down.

The subway hasn’t been used for a long time in its intended function. However, it has often been used in films, and we could clearly see evidence of that all around. We stopped in the first part to look around this material, before we made our way further down into the tunnel…to see CHORD!

Chord is an installation made of two identical rope-making machines which move back as the rope/chord becomes longer (to keep it taut). It is a whirling machine of colour, strings and exacting movements. WOW! I have never been very much the ‘art installation’ person, not having seen much of that sort of thing. It was this big thing making something so exacting and so beautiful…it was scary in some ways and relaxing in others…definitely relaxing to see the small tiny movements which were building this great big rope. In a way it got me thinking about how it is the smallest steps and things which allow us to build that which is big and grand. Hopefully that is how my work will go…cos right now I can see myself being very much in the small steps…but you wait and see :P…grandeur will flourish 😛


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