Posted by: annmucc | October 25, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

I find myself at the end of another weekend…another busy one…they seem to go by so fast!

So what did we get up to?

Friday evening should have been James Thieree at the Barbican. Alas, when we arrived at the theatre we were told it had been cancelled due to a back injury…booohoo. Not only did we make the trip for no purpose, but we didn’t get to see him! Oh well!

Saturday started again with the Styles in Painting course, this time on Mannerism, (I promise I will put the notes into a page like last time…sometime O:)) while Michael went on a tour of the gallery similar to the one John had gone on last week. From there we then went off to Royal Oak station where a walking tour of the area around Notting Hill with references to film locations was to being organised by the London Metropolitan walkers. However, it seems like many others got the same idea…I am sure we were over 75 on the walk! This made it a bit awkward, so Michael and I dropped out when we arrived at Portobello Market and made our way home. On the way we stopped at a Sainsbury’s to buy the things we needed to make a meat pie, and finished the journey at Willesden Green Library bus stop. As we stopped there we saw that UP was showing there that evening! So after cooking and eating the meat pie, off we went.

This is the third Pixar film Michael and I have watched at the cinema (and this out of maybe 5 films we have watched together!)…Ratatouille the first time I was in Prague (we had booked tickets for the first showing of the film in Prague, but for some reason they had lost all bookings for the day, so we got free tickets for another day…not too bad anyways :P), then Wall-E (again in Prague…in CZECH! Read the story here), and now UP. They have all been great films, and this last one was no exception…it made me oh, it made me ahh, it made me grin, and it even made me laugh out loud! Definitely worth seeing it…come on…off you go…what are you waiting for?

And today? After quite a bit of lazing, we decided to make our way to Queen’s Park Farmer’s Market to look around and buy our lunch. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing we decided to bike there (going was fine, but the first part of coming back just about killed me as it was uphill :P)…mmmm! Such delicious stuff to choose from! How to decide? We finally decided on a Lincolnshire sausage and bacon roll for lunch, and an apple and blackberry pie to take home for dessert. MMMM.

Back home we got down to making the dough for pizzas we had planned to cook for dinner. However, after a quick siesta, we soon had to be off…AGAIN! Michael had ‘won’ free tickets for an event at the Guardian Hay Festival on twitter. We had decided to attend a talk by Dan Cruickshank on The Secret History of Georgian London: How the Wages of Sin Shaped the Capital. What did I think of the talk? Well, the author did talk a lot, but mainly he fluffed around, and barely got to the point, until he asked for the time and realised he was already over his allotted time, and tried to hurry and fit all in. Well, to me it seemed like a typical talk by an author who just talks and forgets the point for his talking. I wasn’t impressed, but oh well – it was free (this seems to have become my standard response :P). Back home we have just cooked and eaten the pizzas (with lots left over for tomorrow!), together with a slice of pie. Now it’s on to relaxing….mmm!



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